Huirong SM2258XT Colorful solidstate drive card MLC mode speed up success tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-18 07:20

  Colorful SL500 is low in price but low in performance and very slow. It is said that after the SLC usb password recovery dell inspiron windows 8 cache is exhausted, the master will enter the passive garbage collection operation, resulting in usb password recovery tool for windows xp extremely slow write speed and obvious stuttering, but it is MLC/TLC dual-mode flash memory , Then can usb pen drive data recovery software freeware I use the SSD card opening tool to adjust the mode to MLC mode to increase the speed, so that the usb pen drive recovery software free download life and performance can be guaranteed by reducing the capacity. The author succeeded, and I will teach usb recover drive windows 10 format as you how to do it below.

  1.Use SATA to USB converter board, or "easy drive cable" to connect hard usb recovery drive for surface pro 3 disk and desktop computer.I use Greenlink's SATA to USB3.0 Conversion line, connected to the USB3 usb recovery drive for surface pro 4 of the desktop.0 interface.(Any mobile hard disk box is also available, the board in the box is the usb recovery drive for windows 8 1 conversion board, if you don't have one, you can buy a very cheap one)

  2.Start the card opening usb recovery drive to restore windows 8 software and click "Scan Disk" (download the card opening software version as MPTool R0626C)

  3.The usb recovery drive windows 10 command prompt hard disk is scanned at once, and the hard disk status is also displayed on it. Now the available space usb recovery drive windows 10 not working is MB, which is the formatted capacity of 640G

  4.Double-click the hard disk icon below, you can usb recovery drive windows 8 1 download see the hard disk's flash memory particles, it is Intel's 3072Gbit capacity, and there is a long usb recovery drive windows 8 download free particle model

  5.Click the Parameter above, switch to the editing interface, click "Edit", enter the usb recovery drive windows 8 free download default password, which is two spaces

  6.Click "Auto" next to the flash memory model, and the usb recovery drives that work with readynas software will pop up a prompt to find two types of flash memory to choose from

  7.As you can see, the usb recovery file hp slim s5 1126 two types of flash memory identified are 2048Gbit MLC and 3072Gbit TLC. Of course, MLC is selected. usb recovery flash disk utility windows 10 The capacity is a bit less, but the quality is stable and high.

  8.Under the flash memory type, you usb recovery for 8 1 amd fix can customize the manufacturer and model information of the SSD, and enter a Super SSD!It should be usb recovery for windows 10 hp envy ok~~haha

  Then you can select the type and capacity of the hard disk, and then save it on the usb recovery for windows 10 hp laptop right

  9.Switch to the first item, and then select Start on the right to start the card opening. If it usb recovery image for hp windows 10 goes well, the card opening is successful!You can see the new capacity and other information after usb recovery media for ideapad 100s 14ibr opening the card

  Summary: So far, the card opening is over!After removing the SSD and plugging it in usb recovery media to install microsoft windows again, you will be prompted to initialize the disk in the Disk Manager, and then partition and format usb recovery reinstall boot for windows 10 it. This will increase the speed of the SSD after opening the card. Of course, the capacity is usb recovery selected boot device failed dell also reduced. All this is still very good. worth it.

  Of course, if your solid state drive is another usb recovery software free download full version brand, but the main master SM2258XT can refer to this tutorial, whether it is to repair a non-recognized usb recovery software free download window 7 solid state drive or to repair bad sectors, you can use the above card opening method.