ASUS r455lj notebook use u boot external hard drive to install Win11 system tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

9 2021-08-18 06:50

  The ASUS r455lj notebook is a student laptop listed in 2015. This computer uses the Intel Core 5th external hard drive data recovery software mac free generation i5 processor and a performance-level discrete graphics card, which can meet the daily external hard drive died how to recover dat a entertainment needs of users, so how to use this ASUS r455lj notebook u start external hard drive to external hard drive not showing up recovery software install win7 system?The following is to share with you the operation steps of using u to boot the external hard drive recover photos must initialize unknown external hard drive to install the system on ASUS r455lj notebook.

  1. Download u boot external hard external hard drive recovery detected but not opening drive boot disk creation tool

  2. Download the win7 system image and save it to the boot disk of the external hard drive recovery must initialize assign letter external hard drive

  Steps to install win7 system:

  1. Insert the prepared u boot external hard external hard drive run first aid from recovery drive boot disk into the computer usb port, then restart the computer, when the boot screen appears, external hard drive time machine recover erased files enter the u boot main menu interface through the external hard drive boot shortcut key, and select [ external harddrive crashed recovery software not finding it 02] U to start the Win8PE standard Version (new machine) option; as shown in the figure:

  2. Enter external hhd drive recovery unaccessible parameter is incorrect the pe system u and start the pe installation tool will automatically open and identify the original external method of recovering data from broken phones win7 system image prepared in the external hard drive, click [OK] after the operation is completed; external sd card not showing in recovery mode as shown in the figure:

  3. In the confirmation prompt window that pops up at this time, check the fail to create recovery usb drive windows 10 check box "Restart after completion", and then click OK, as shown in the figure:

  4. This process failed hard drive can still access recovery partition takes about a few minutes. Do not operate other related external hard drive operations here. After farstone total recovery cant find my usb drive the operation is over, click "Yes" in the pop-up window to restart the computer; as shown in the farstone total recovery can't find my usb drive figure:

  5. Finally, the computer will continue to perform the remaining original win7 system installation fat32 or ntfs for windows usb recovery drive steps, please be patient; as shown in the figure:

  6. After the installation is complete, you fedora live usb how to recover firefox passwords need to perform system related settings. After the settings are completed, you can enter the win7 file recovery for external hard drive open source system; as shown in the figure: