Western Digital Black NVME SSD for how to use external hard drive to install Win11 tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-18 06:40

  Before, we shared the special drive of Western Digital's NVME solid-state drive win7, but it needs copy usb hp recovery partition to new ssd to manually inject the drive into win7 under winpe. Relatively speaking, many people may not inject copy windows recovery partition to usb surface pro it. Here I will share that you don't need to manually inject it and use it with this The boot disk copying dell recovery partition to new hard drive creation tool driven by the driver is used to install the win7 tutorial. The key to solving the problem copying hp recovery partition to new hard drive is the boot disk creation tool itself, so there is no technical content, but it saves you the correct size usb drive for windows recovery tools trouble of injecting yourself.

  Why can't win7 use Western Digital's black solid state drive? The cost for data recovery from hard drive chennai symptom is that the Android interface can't recognize the solid state drive or ghost 0xb blue screen, cost of data recovery external hard drive repair because win7 does not carry the NVME drive of this solid state drive, and the win10 system does, so cost of data recovery from damaged hard drive if you install a win10 system You don't need to read this article, just start the operation below:

   cost of data recovery from hard drive indi a1. Prepare an empty external hard drive, the capacity is actually 2G, if you want to put the system cost of recovering data from a hard drive image in, it must be more than 8G.

  2. Download Xiaobing external hard drive Boot Disk Creation Tool cost of recovering data from external hard drive and then make the external hard drive into a boot disk. Be careful not to use its reinstalling cost to recover a non spinning hard drive computer function, use its boot external hard drive function to make.

  3. Download the win7 system cost to recover data from broken usb drive image, which can be the gho version or.esd,.Copy the system image in wim format to the bootable external cost to recover data from dead hard drive hard drive, or the D disk or E disk of the same computer.

  4. Set the computer to boot from the cost to recover data from failed hard drive external hard drive, and then select win8pe or win10pe to start the computer, so that it can recognize cost to recover info from damaged hard drive your Western Digital SSD.

  5. After starting pe, directly click the one-click installation program could future archaeologists recover data from hard drive of Xiaobing on the desktop, and then select the restore partition, the image file path selects the could not find recovery environment after usb inserted gho win7 system you just copied to the D drive, and then click to install to the C drive, click OK, crate a usb recovery windows 10 dowloand recovery as shown below.

  6. Then enter the ghost progress bar, wait for 100%, don't pull out the external create 2nd factory recovery usb on lenovo laptop hard drive, don't turn off the computer, don't do other things and wait for success.

  7. After 100% create a bootable usb drive windows 7 recovery , it will automatically inject the WD black disk ssd driver, as shown in the figure below, this is create a bootable usb from hp recovery dvd the key position, no manual injection is required.

  8. After the injection is successful, we restart create a bootable usb recovery drive windows 10 the computer, pull out the external hard drive, and start the win7 installation program from the create a mac recovery usb from windows transmac hard disk boot, as shown below

  Summary: So if you feel that it is troublesome to inject the driver, create a microsoft recovery usb drive on mac you can use this boot disk tool to achieve it. It officially claims that it will not bundle garbage create a recovery drive on usb mac os without changing the homepage. If you want to simply install win7, you can use this method.