How to quickly install windows 11 To Go 10 External system on a lowspeed external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-18 06:30

  What will you do if you want to put the win10 system into the external hard drive as a C disk?The windows 7 system image recovery usb ordinary method is more troublesome and slow to do because of the speed of the external drive. The windows 7 system recovery boot usb following will teach you how to use VHD to make win10 into a external drive as a mobile system:

  This windows 7 system recovery bootable usb method is limited to operating systems above win7, the original image can be downloaded at windows 7 system recovery disc usb itellyou.

  The system requirements are professional or enterprise editions

  Please turn off anti-virus windows 7 system recovery disk usb tools such as the computer manager before operation, which may cause conflicts with the tools.

  Take windows 7 system recovery download usb the local system windows10 as an example: make windows10x32 enterprise version to external hard windows 7 system recovery options usb drive

  external hard drive-----32G, 2.0, mirror size 3.08G

  Note: Remember to back up the external hard windows 7 system recovery usb download drive data before operation, all data on the external hard drive will be deleted during the writing windows 7 system recovery usb drive process.

  One, first make VHD to external hard drive.

  Step 1. Use win10's own tools to mount the windows 7 system recovery usb stick original image, or mount the virtual CD-ROM drive.

  Step 2. Use Win To Go tool (download WTG windows 7 systme recovery usb download auxiliary tool)

  The traditional way is to install directly.The files in wim are decompressed to the windows 7 ultimate password recovery usb external drive, which is similar to the system we usually use.

  The advantage is that such a system windows 7 ultimate recovery disk usb disk has better performance.

  The disadvantage is that the writing speed is slow, and some programs windows 7 ultimate recovery usb download can't be installed on the external drive.

  VHD writing is a new method. The principle is to create windows 7 usb boot recovery download a VHD virtual disk and decompress the file to the vhd virtual disk.

  Then through the boot program, windows 7 usb boot recovery tool boot the virtual disk.

  The advantage is: the writing speed is often faster, and the programs in windows 7 usb dvd recovery tool the general system can be installed in the external drive system

  Disadvantages: XP system does not windows 7 usb password recovery tool support VHD writing

  Method three, VHDX:

  VHDX (virtual hard disk format), launched by Microsoft windows 7 usb recovery disk download Windows 8 will support VHDX files,

  The new VHDX format can support 64TB space, which is 32 times the windows 7 usb recovery drive download 2TB space limit of the current VHD format.

  Note: vhdx is limited to win8 and above systems, vhd windows 7 usb recovery tool download writing mode is limited to win7 and above systems, and xp systems can only use traditional!

  Step 3 windows 8 1 boot recovery usb . Set VHD to write to external hard drive

  Here is an explanation of the VHD capacity problem. windows 8 1 bootable recovery usb Generally, the size of the VHD capacity is 32-bit ---- 8G is enough, 64-bit ---- -10G,

  32-bit 3.08G, windows 8 1 create recovery usb there are 2 more to mount after completion.18G is available, so it doesn't have to be that big, and windows 8 1 make recovery usb there is the problem of external hard drive writing speed.

  If the capacity is not enough in the windows 8 1 password recovery usb future, you can expand the VHD, and use BOOTICE to expand the capacity.

  Note: The minimum size of the windows 8 1 recovery boot usb external hard drive must be 16G or more. If the size of the VHD is not fixed, the external hard drive windows 8 1 recovery bootable usb is 32G, and the external hard drive will be filled.

  It is recommended to have a fixed size, windows 8 1 recovery disk usb generally not more than 10G, and the writing time is also fast.

  Step 4. Writing process, 32-bit system, windows 8 1 recovery image usb 8G size VHD, it takes 40 minutes to complete, wait patiently.

  (The writing time depends on the windows 8 1 recovery media usb computer configuration and the writing speed of the external hard drive.)

  Step 6. Copy the VHD to windows 8 1 recovery on usb the root directory of the local disk D, and you can modify the name, for example: USBWin10x86.vhd,

  windows 8 1 recovery tool usb  Do not copy to other external hard drive to start, because the system has not been installed yet, windows 8 1 recovery usb boot this may damage the VHD.

  (I copied it to another external hard drive to boot, but the boot failed, windows 8 1 recovery usb create novices are still recommended to operate on the local disk)

  2. Then add it to the local system boot windows 8 1 recovery usb dell menu

  1. Open and download BOOTIC to edit the BCD file

  2. Add VHD startup items

  3. Restart the windows 8 1 recovery usb download computer and select USBWin10x86 on the boot menu to update the device and personalize it.

  Then windows 8 1 recovery usb files start to install the program and activate the system. After the program is installed, it is best to windows 8 1 recovery usb hp restart the system.

  (The system installation process is omitted, it is the same as the original windows 8 1 recovery usb iso installation) (use time is about 20 minutes, the computer will restart 4-5 times)

  Note: Do not connect windows 8 1 recovery usb maker to the network at the end of the installation process, otherwise the system may update and install windows 8 1 recovery usb size drivers.

  4. After the system is installed, the C drive sees that it is 8G, the original local disk windows 8 1 recovery usb stick C drive is hidden.(1TB mechanical hard drive)

  5. Activation system (many self-search activation windows 8 1 recovery usb tool tools)