How to fix there is a Ghost has detected error in the installation system[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-18 05:50

  I installed the system today. When I just installed the system on the computer's PE, the ghost has recover files from seagate external hard drive detected corruption in the image file when I entered GOHST.

  I checked it on Baidu and said that recover files from solid state hard drive there was a problem with the mirror file, but I downloaded a few new ones, and the version I installed recover files from sophos encrypted hard drive has always been useful, and I didn't damage it. What is the reason why the installation fails this recover files from time capsule hard drive time? , Please listen to popular science".

  The solution to the Ghost has detected installation recover files from toshiba external hard drive system error. First of all, from the GOHST installation system, the "ghost has detected corruption in recover files from toshiba portable hard drive the image file" prompt appears in Chinese to the effect: "ghost software has detected corruption in recover files from unallocated external hard drive the image file".This situation is mostly caused by the loss or damage of the downloaded ISO image recover files from unallocated usb site file, so the next step can't be performed, which will cause the Ghost installation system to fail. The recover files from undetected external hard drive solution is:

  1. If you are using a directly downloaded ISO image file, it is recommended to unzip recover files from unreadable external hard drive the ISO image file with ultraiso and find the *.Gho main system image file, then enter the PE tool, recover files from unreadable usb drive reddit select manual advanced one-key Ghost, and then open*.Just start Gho to install the system. If the recover files from usb drive after format above error is still displayed, there is probably a problem with the downloaded ISO system image file. recover files from usb drive free download It is recommended to download the system from a relatively well-known system download site.

  2. recover files from usb drive mac free Change to a larger system to download the next system from the website. If it supports direct ISO recover files from usb drive not formatted system file installation, then try directly. If it fails, unzip the Gho file in the iso file. After recover files from usb drive windows 10 restarting, the general problem is solved.Generally speaking, the method to solve Ghost has detected recover files from usb flash drive free unable to install the system is the above two cases. If you still can't do it anyway, then you should recover files from usb flash drive mac also consider whether it is the damage of the GHOST software in your PE tool.