How to make a external hard drive with encryption protection[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-18 05:40

  I believe that friends who often use external hard drives to store confidential information must lenovo onekey recovery windows 8 usb be worried about the security risks caused by losing external hard drives. If you buy a external hard lenovo operating system recovery disc usb drive with encryption lock function, the price is high, it is a "high-consumption product", there lenovo recovery disk new hard drive are many products on the Internet. Most of the methods of encrypting external hard drive are operated lenovo recovery disk windows 7 usb by some software, which is very inconvenient. The software is difficult to operate. Not to mention, lenovo recovery disk windows 8 usb the computer needs to install these software, which is very inconvenient. Here I will share how I lenovo recovery failed new hard drive use the window to make it. Encrypting the external hard drive is a way to protect your important data, lenovo recovery media download to usb which is convenient and saves money and trouble. Easy to learn is the last word, and it is a more lenovo recovery partition windows 7 usb effective encryption.

  Do the preparations first. external hard drive Home

  external hard drive A lenovo recovery usb key blank medi a external hard drive Home

  One computer with window7 system

  1. Open the control panel, find "BitLocker lenovo recovery usb windows 10 download Drive Encryption" and click Open

  2. Choose the drive you want to encrypt (your external hard lenovo recovery usb windows 10 failed drive), don't make a mistake, choose the drive external hard drive you want to encrypt

  3. After lenovo recovery usb windows 10 instructions finding the right drive to be encrypted, click "Start BitLocker" on the right side, and you will see lenovo recovery usb windows 10 pro the following initialization drive, which takes a certain amount of time

  4. After initializing the lenovo recovery usb windows 7 download drive, you can see the following interface, click to check "Use password to unlock drive" and then lenovo recovery usb won t boot you can enter the most needed password.

  5. After entering the password, click Next. After a short lenovo t43 usb 3.0 recovery disk process, you can see the interface as shown in the figure below. In order to avoid forgetting the lenovo thinkpad 10 usb recovery key password or being unable to open the external hard drive with the password, please be sure to save the lenovo thinkpad 8 usb recovery key file in the figure below, "Save the recovery key to "File" remember to save it, if you forget to lenovo thinkpad tablet 2 recovery usb save it and you can't open it with a password, please don't cry to me! external hard drive Home

  6. lenovo thinkpad tablet usb recovery key Save the recovery key to a file

  7. After saving this key file, you can ensure that you can open lenovo usb flash drive recovery instructions the key file when you can't enter the password to open the external hard drive. This key file is very lenovo usb recovery creatoir download location important. It should be stored in the mobile. Of course, you can save the content of the key file lenovo usb recovery creator communication error to In your own mailbox notepad, when you can't open it with a password, just enter the key and save lenovo usb recovery creator download location the key file, click Next to start making the drive encryption. This is a long process.

  8. Wait for lenovo usb recovery creator drive size the encryption to complete, exit the external drive and reinsert it, you can see that the external lenovo usb recovery creator keep files drive needs to enter a password before it can be used. If the password fails, then you can try to open lenovo usb recovery creator tool download the "key" saved in step 6

  The tutorial is shared with friends here.I hope to be helpful.If you lenovo usb recovery creator tool error can solve it by yourself, don't spend the wrong money to buy a high-priced external drive.

  It's not lenovo usb recovery creator usb size easy to make money in this age. external hard drive Home

  Teach you how to make a external hard lenovo usb recovery creator windows 10 drive with encryption protection: