How to make a external hard drive into a External external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-18 05:20

  For external hard drive, when you plug in the computer, it will appear in the column of removable hp stream 14 recovery usb download devices, and, under normal circumstances, there is only one partition!The mobile hard disk is displayed hp stream 7 recovery usb download in the column of local disk, and more importantly, it can be partitioned arbitrarily!Now, let me hp stream recovery usb win 10 teach you how to turn a external drive into a mobile hard drive. even if it is still a mobile solid hp stream window 10 recovery usb state drive!You ask what are the benefits of partitioning?Of course there is!For example, separate hp stream windows 10 recovery usb management of public and private files; for example, formatting after poisoning can prevent more files hp system recovery external hard drive from being affected. Of course, it is more important to enjoy the fun of DIY.

  Below I use the hp system recovery usb windows 10 external drive I carry with me as a demonstration.

  Download "ChipGenius.exe" software.

  After hp system recovery usb windows 8 downloading, plug in the external hard drive and open "ChipGenius.exe" software,

  Download the corresponding hp system recovery windows 10 usb mass production tools online through "chip model" or "data download".(Note: The author's external hp system recovery windows 7 usb hard drive erased the information by itself, so it displays "Not found" and "Unavailable")

  Turn hp system recovery windows 8 usb on my computer to confirm that the external hard drive is connected:

  The author's external hard hp tpn q154 usb recovery download drive chip model is SM3255TS, and downloaded to the corresponding mass production tool.As shown in hp trouble booting through recovery usb the figure, open sm32Xtest.exe

  The following interface appears, click "Scan USB (F5)" (Chinese "Scan hp usb flash disk recovery utility USB" means) or directly press the "F5" key.

  At this time, it is found that the external hard drive hp usb flash drive online recovery has been displayed in the software interface (shown in the green box in the figure below).Next hp usb flash drive recovery tool click "Setting" (Chinese "Setting" means, as shown in the red box in the figure below).

  Enter the hp usb flash drive recovery utility software default password in the password input box that appears: two spaces.Click "ok"

  The following hp usb recovery drive windows 10 interface appears, click "Open (O)" to enter the configuration file setting interface.

  The figure hp usb recovery drive windows 8 below is the configuration file setting interface. The circled place is the personalized setting. hp usb recovery flash disk utility For example, the author entered his QQ number and mobile phone number and marked the volume name hp usb recovery tool windows 10 "Rice".It is particularly emphasized here that where the exclamation mark is drawn, you must select hp usb recovery tool windows 7 "USB-HDD", otherwise it will be unsuccessful!!!The author emphasizes the explanation in the green box!! hp usb recovery tool windows 8 !After completing the configuration, click "ok" in the lower right corner to exit the configuration hp utility usb recovery flash disk interface.

  Back to the main interface of the software, click "Start (Space Key)" (Chinese "start" hp vista bios crisis recovery usb means, or directly press the space bar), at this time, mass production begins.

  Until the green "OK" hp win 10 recovery drive usb word appears, as shown in the figure below.Now click "Quit" to exit the software.

  Next, please hp windows 10 recovery usb download unplug the external hard drive directly, without the "safely remove hardware and eject media" hp windows 10 recovery usb size operation.

  After unplugging the external drive, plug in the external drive again, the computer will prompt hp windows 7 recovery usb download that new hardware is found, wait a few seconds, turn on my computer, and see the new drive letter hp windows 8 1 recovery usb in the local disk column:

  Then go back to the desktop, right click on my computer, click on the hp windows 8 recovery discs usb "management" option.

  Enter the "Computer Management" interface, click "Disk Management".

  After the hp windows 8 recovery usb download computer loads for a while, you can see the interface as shown below.Among them, "Disk 0" is the hp windows 8.1 recovery usb download computer hard disk, and "Disk 1" is the "hard disk" from the external hard drive.

  Right-click "Disk hp windows laptop recover usb download 1" and click "Delete Volume".When prompted, select "Yes".

  At this time, "Disk 0" turns hp windows vista hard drive recovery black-"Unallocated".Right click and select "New Simple Volume (I).".

  Click "Next (N)" in the "New Simple Volume hp won't boot from recovery usb " dialog box.

  Enter the value of the simple volume size, the author input is "1000MB", click htc data recovery without usb debugging "Next (N)".

  Click "Next (N)" until "Finish".

  At this time, we can see the "New Volume (K:)" and harddrive recovery disk diagnostics.html "Unallocated" areas, right-click "Unallocated", select "New Simple Volume (I)." and repeat the above services hard drive recovery operation.

  At this time, another new volume has been completed.As shown below.

  Open "My Computer" huawei data recovery without usb debugging again and see if there are two more new drive letters in the local disk column?

  Now, you can sort hwo to recovery a hard drive and put files in a external hard drive, even if one of the disks is poisoned and needs to be formatted, i like external hard drive recovery it will not affect the files on the other disk.

  Also need to explain, the author only divided iconia tab w500 recovery from usb two disks, if your external hard drive capacity is relatively large, you can divide more disks iconia w3 810 recovery from usb according to the above operation, as long as you like!

  Not over yet.There is also a wonderful DIY ide hard drive data recovery usb highlight, which is the QQ number, phone number and other information we input, it is here——

  Finally, ideapad y560 recovery new hard drive safely delete our DIY "mobile hard drive", OVER!