external hard drive to install the advantages of Win11 Win11[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-18 05:10

  There are n ways to install a new Windows system, here, n>=5.Hard disk installation, CD installation, windows recovery usb for another computer external hard drive installation, virtual CD-ROM installation, Ghost installation, etc.

  Today, windows recovery usb from mac reddit I would like to briefly say a few words about the benefits of installing Win7 with external hard windows recovery usb image encore 2 drive or mobile hard disk to novice friends:

  1. Fast installation

  Normal installation with CD-ROM windows recovery usb sioux falls sd can usually be done in 20-35 minutes, but it is faster to install Windows7 with USB mobile hard disk, windows recovery usb windows 10 download generally it takes less than 10 minutes for a new installation.Of course, the external drive can windows recovery usb windows 7 download also be used, but the speed of the external drive is too slow when copying small files.

  2. It is windows recovery usb windows 8 1 convenient to adjust the partition size of the computer's built-in hard disk

  The advantage of installing windows recovery usb windows 8 download Windows 7 with an external device is that you can repartition the hard disk in the computer at windows recovery with recovery usb drive will. Of course, you can also install it with a CD. The comparison here is to use a virtual CD-ROM windows rt 8.1 recovery usb download drive or a hard disk installation method.

  So how to install Windows with USB mobile hard disk or windows server 2003 password recovery usb external hard drive?

  1) Under Vista or Win7, enter Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Computer windows server 2008 r2 recovery usb Management-Disk Management, click the right mouse button on the partition of the usb mobile hard disk, and windows server 2012 r2 recovery usb click "Mark Partition as Active Partition".

  2) Copy all the files and folders in the Windows 7 windows surface pro 3 recovery usb installation disk (or directly decompress the iso file, or load it with a virtual CD-ROM drive) directly windows system recovery usb windows 7 to the USB mobile hard disk.

  3) The bootable usb hard disk installation disk is made, after windows usb recovery startup repair fails setting up the usb hard disk in bios to start, directly start the installation program, it's that windows vista admin password recovery usb simple.

  4) No third-party software is needed at all, and no need to burn disks.The principle is very windows vista home premium recovery usb simple, the first step is to write the startup information.If the partition is activated under Vista/ windows vista password recovery tool usb Win7, then it is written to bootmgr, if the partition is activated under xp, it is written to ntldr. windows vista password recovery usb free