Detailed steps to run Linux directly in the external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

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  Detailed steps to run Linux directly in the external hard drive

  Linux is deeply loved by some recover data from usb external hard drive users for its efficient and flexible features, but it is not convenient for normal operation habits. recover data from usb flash drive free If users do not want to install Linux system on the computer, but also want to use Linux system, here recover data from usb flash drive linux is a good way to teach everyone , Put the Linux system on the external hard drive, and run Linux recover data from usb flash drive mac directly on the external hard drive. USB home

  Operation steps: Home of external hard drive

  The recover data from usb stick after format following use dos + grub4dos to start Ubuntu, this startup method is convenient to add PE and dos toolbox recover data from usb stick without formatting to make multiple boot disks. USB home

  1. Guide dos to start

  Start UltraISO, select the menu recover data from usb that needs formatting "Startup Disc/Write Hard Disk Image", select "Portable Boot/Write New Hard Disk Master Boot Record ( recover data from water damaged hard drive MBR)/USB-ZIP+" in the dialog box, and then select "Portable Boot/Write New Boot record of the drive/ recover data from wd hard drive montreal windows 9x".Then copy the boot file, io.sys, MSDOS.SYS to the root directory of the recover data from windows 10 hard drive external hard drive.At this time, you can start the dos system from the external hard drive in USB-ZIP recover data from windows 7 hard drive mode. USB home

  2. DOS guide grub4dos external drive home

  Copy grub.exe, menu.lst to the root recover data from windows xp hard drive directory of the external hard drive and create an AUTOEXEC.BAT file, just add the text "grub".

  3. recover data from wiped hard drive reddit Download Prayaya LiveSystem

  Open username: ubuntu, password: ubuntuftp .

  Download the latest ISO recover data from xbox 360 hard drive in the ISO directory, and download the ro file in the ros directory (a configured Linux program).

  4 recover data galaxy note 9 no usb . Install Prayaya LiveSystem

  Create a prayaya-livesystem-usb folder in the root directory of the recover data hard drive durham north carolin a external hard drive, and create a ros folder in this directory.

  Initrd in the ISO package.Copy gz recover data internal hard drive not recognized and vmlinuz to the prayaya-livesystem-usb directory, and initrd.gz renamed to initrd.img.

  Copy the recover data my passport external hard drive ISO package itself to the prayaya-livesystem-usb directory.

  Copy the downloaded ro file to the recover data off a broken hard drive prayaya-livesystem-usb/ros directory.

  The list of my prayaya-livesystem-usb directory files is as recover data off broken external hard drive follows:

  5. Configuration menu.lst USB home

  In the menu.Add in the lst file:

  title Prayaya recover data off corrupted external hard drive LiveSystem 8.04 external hard drive Home

  find --set-root /prayaya-livesystem-usb/initrd.img Home of recover data off dead external hard drive external drive

  kernel /prayaya-livesystem-usb/vmlinuz mode=iso init=/sbin/init lang=cn recover data off harddrive not being recognized dir=/prayaya-livesystem-usb ro_dir=prayaya-livesystem-usb/ros fs_dir=prayaya-livesystem-usb/savedata quiet splash recover data off macbook pro hard drive external drive s home

  initrd /prayaya-livesystem-usb/initrd.img

  6. Add the save function (256M) recover data on a raw hard drive external hard drive Home

  Now you can start the journey of booting Ubuntu with external hard drive, recover data on external hard drivenot discoveredmac but the system settings can't be saved yet.Fs.Unzip the fs_256Mb file from rar, rename it to recover data on hard drive reformatted hirems savedata and copy it to the prayaya-livesystem-usb directory, then you can save the system settings. USB recover data on hard drive through usb home

  7. Precautions for use:

  The default login user and password is prayaya, and the default is recover data on wd external hard drive 10 seconds to automatically log in.

  Configure the network: you need to enter the password prayaya, recover data seagate freeagent external hard drive and click "Authenticate" to obtain permission, the same is true for other system settings. USB recover data usb flash drive free software home

  8. The way to make fs files by yourself

  Open the command line, enter: head -c 256m /dev/zero " recover data usb flash drive not recognized fs_256Mb external drive home

  256m means the storage space is 256M, which can be set to other recover data wd elements external hard drive sizes.Then copy the fs_256Mb file in the current directory from the file management to your hard disk.

   recover data when usb debugging is off The system has its own Firefox browser. similar to Microsoft office, compatibility recover datga from a corrupt hard drive and functions are pretty good. opera9 browser. player, very recover dead computer to virtual hard drive powerful. small pdf reader.

  There are other useful software such as QQ. external hard recover delete emails from harddrive outlook 2016 drive Home

  At this point, the operation steps of letting the Linux system run on the external hard recover delete files from usb windows 10 drive have been completed. The user can directly run the Linux system on the external hard drive. recover deleted data from external hard disk With this method, the user no longer has to worry about whether to install the Linux system on the recover deleted data from external hard drive system. How to run Linux again. USB home

  The detailed steps to run Linux directly in the external hard recover deleted data from hard drive free drive: