Huirong black colloidal external hard drive is broken and mass production fails to save experience tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

10 2021-08-18 04:20

  A colleague, the SSK black colloid was broken, and he threw it away.I think the appearance is quite retrieve files from external hard drive broken new, I want to try to see if it can be saved.

  Trouble: After plugging in the computer, there is retrieve files from external hard drive mac a drive letter displayed in the lower right corner, and "My Computer" sometimes has a drive letter retrieve files from external hdd mac os displayed, but the computer freezes at one point and can't read the file.

  Rescue process: 1.Download retrieve files from failed external hard drive the latest version of chipgenius, check the display chip type is SM3257AA.

  2.Forum download related retrieve files from failed internal hard drive mass production tools Huirong SM3257AA, 3257ENAA, 3257ENLT, SM3261AB latest firmware, can identify retrieve files from formatted external hard drive the external hard drive information, but can not mass production, indicating that mass production retrieve files from formatted hard drive mac failed.

  3.I downloaded another Huirong black film tool, which can also recognize the information retrieve files from hard drive after format on the external drive, but it can't be mass-produced.

  4.After returning home, use a knife to violently retrieve files from hard drive dead laptop disassemble, and use the short-circuiting method mentioned in the forum to short-circuit the retrieve files from hard drive without windows pins.But there is no soldering iron, so I have to use the dual USB short connection method.Black colloid retrieve files from old hard drive sacramento is not easy to short-circuit, and it feels that the short-circuiting was unsuccessful.Don't want retrieve files from old windows hard drive to toss, install the external hard drive again.Although I was very careful, but because of violent retrieve files from physically damaged hard drive dismantling, and then installing the external hard drive, the outer metal sheet was deformed retrieve files from usb stick not recognized seriously.

  5.Re-download Huirong SMI MPTool v2.5.30_v7_m1223, plug in the computer, follow the steps, and retrieve files off samsung s5 by usb mass production was successful.

  6.But I don't know if the short connection was successful, because retrieve hidden files in usb using cmd the last mass production tool used is different from the first two.

  7.In order to verify which retrieve hidden files on external hard drive method rescued the external drive, I tried the first two mass production tools, and the information was retrieve lost files from external hard drive still recognized, but mass production was not possible.

  Summary: If the external hard drive is retrieve lost files from usb flash drive plugged into the computer, there will be a drive letter displayed in the lower right corner, but the retrieving backup files from external hard drive file can't be read.Give priority to using mass production tools to save, it is best to use the latest retrieving deleted files from hard drive external mass production tools, try a few more mass production tools of the same model external hard drive, retrieving deleted files from usb flash drive basically can be successfully rescued, and the short-circuit method is the last choice.