The computer system cant recognize the External external hard drive several possibilities and for how to solve it[Win11 Solutions]

28 2021-08-18 02:30

  With computers entering home businesses, many computer users have a demand for mobile hard drives. hard drive formatted by tv recovery The mobile hard drive market has been growing steadily over the past few years. For example, many hard drive free data recovery software office business users need to store a large amount of data. Not enough, not very convenient and safe. hard drive full capacity crash recovery Mobile hard drives can solve these problems.Many users may encounter the problem that the computer hard drive got burnt recovering files system can't recognize the mobile hard disk when using the mobile hard disk. Here we will introduce hard drive has 2 recovery partitions the reasons why the computer system can't recognize the mobile hard disk and how to deal with it.

   hard drive has two recovery partitions Under normal circumstances, after the mobile hard disk is connected to the host, the system can hard drive head crash data recovery recognize it as a "removable storage device" and automatically add a drive letter to "My Computer".If the hard drive interferometry for data recovery system recognizes the mobile hard disk as an "unknown USB device", the mobile hard disk will not hard drive labs data recovery reviews be usable. When this happens, you may wish to find the reason in the following order.

  1. Setup and hard drive letter command line recovery installation issues related to the system

  1.Don't think that as long as the motherboard has a USB hard drive logical failure recovery software interface, you can use a mobile hard drive, and it depends on whether the system supports it.Windows2000, hard drive lost data recovery software WindowsXP and above versions of the system can directly support the mobile hard disk, no need hard drive mechanical failure recovery cost to install the driver can be used, and use the mobile hard disk under Windows98, you must install the hard drive motor failure data recovery driver, otherwise the system will recognize the mobile hard disk as "unknown" USB device".

  The hard drive needs formatting recover dat a bottom right corner of the computer system prompts "Unrecognized USB device"

  2.For some Windows 98 hard drive not detected recover dat a users, after installing the mobile hard disk driver, you can view the mobile hard disk icon from the hard drive not detected recovery software device manager, but there is no corresponding drive letter mark in the resource manager, which is hard drive not initialized data recovery caused by improper system settings.Double-click the mobile hard disk icon in the device manager and hard drive not initialized recover dat a click the "Properties" button in the pop-up window. At this time, you can see four options: "Disconnect", hard drive not recognized data recovery "Delete", "Synchronized Data Transmission" and "INT 13 Unit". The "Delete" item is not checked hard drive only showing recovery partition by the system by default. After checking this option, restart the computer, and you can see the newly hard drive parks during system recovery added mobile hard disk drive letter in the Explorer.

  Second, the USB interface problem of the hard drive partition data recovery software motherboard

  The mobile hard disk can't be used normally due to a problem with the USB interface of hard drive partition recovery windows 10 the motherboard. The solution is mainly from the following aspects:

  1.The USB interface is not turned hard drive partition recovery windows 7 on: Although there is an external USB interface on some old machines (including some brand machines), hard drive photo recovery software free it is turned off by default in the BIOS, so even if the system supports it, you should check the hard drive picture recovery software free USB interface in the BIOS settings Whether the option is enabled: press and hold the Del key when hard drive raw data recovery forum starting the computer, enter the BIOS settings, set "OnChip USB" to "Enabled" in "Chipset Features hard drive raw format recover files Setup" or "Integrated Peripherals", save and restart the computer.

  2.The system does not support the hard drive recover data after format USB interface: This situation also mainly occurs on some old computers.For example, a compatible hard drive recover data after initialization computer, the motherboard is the flagship VISTA710V2, the motherboard chipset uses VIA Apollo MVP3, hard drive recover data free software and the system does not recognize it after an external USB interface card (Windows Me and Windows 200 hard drive recover data open source 0 dual systems are installed), in the "Device Manager" Could not find "Universal Serial Bus Controller".I hard drive recover deleted files osx checked the Internet and found that there was a problem with the motherboard chipset. I quickly hard drive recover seagate external hard downloaded the latest motherboard BIOS from the Internet to refresh, and downloaded the USB driver hard drive recover service confidentiality agreement patch provided by VIA specifically for the chipset. Finally, I recognized the "removable storage" hard drive recover service in charlotte on my computer. equipment".

  3.Insufficient power supply of USB interface: 5V voltage, 0.The 5A current hard drive recovery after factory reset can be supplied directly through the USB interface of the motherboard, but the power supply of hard drive recovery after format free the USB interface of some motherboards can't reach this value, resulting in the mobile hard disk being hard drive recovery after format reddit unable to be recognized by the system.Fortunately, most of the dedicated USB cable of the mobile hard drive recovery after head crash hard disk box has a PS/2 connector. Just plug the connector into the PS/2 interface of the motherboard.

  3. hard drive recovery after quick format Improper operation causes the mobile hard disk to not be used

  The mobile hard disk can't hard drive recovery after water damage be used normally due to improper operation, mainly refers to the timing of plugging and unplugging the hard drive recovery at geek squad mobile hard disk.

  1.It is best to close all running applications before plugging in the mobile hard drive recovery bergen county nj hard disk, and do not plug in during system startup.

  2.When the mobile hard disk is first connected, hard drive recovery cable best buy there will be a process for the system to recognize and read the disk. It is best not to perform hard drive recovery changed mkv files any operation before the end of this process (it is recommended to divide the mobile hard disk into hard drive recovery chino hills c a fewer zones. The longer), wait until the working indicator of the mobile hard disk stabilizes before hard drive recovery citrus heights c a starting operation.

  3.When using the mobile hard disk, there will be a situation that it can be hard drive recovery clean room cost used before, but occasionally can't be used once. In this case, you can delete the "unknown USB device" hard drive recovery clicking of death in the "system devices" first, then unplug the mobile hard disk, and then restart the system , And hard drive recovery cost in indi a then connect the mobile hard disk, the fault can usually be solved.

  Fourth, the problem of the hard drive recovery cost raleigh nc mobile hard disk itself

  If the above failure causes are eliminated, the mobile hard disk still can't hard drive recovery cost south afric a be used, it is likely that there is a problem with the mobile hard disk itself.The structure of the hard drive recovery cyclic redundancy check mobile hard disk is relatively simple, mainly composed of a hard disk box and a laptop hard disk. hard drive recovery data software linux The hard disk box is generally not easy to break, and most of the problems are caused by the laptop hard drive recovery disk drill basic hard disk.In order to avoid damage to the hardware of the mobile hard disk itself, the following aspects hard drive recovery disk not formatted should be paid attention to during use:

  1.When the mobile hard disk is used, it should be placed hard drive recovery disk not initialized in a stable place. Do not move it when it is being read or written, so that it will be shaken.

   hard drive recovery disk not spinning 2.When unplugging the mobile hard disk, operate strictly according to the rules: When the hard disk hard drive recovery east 34th st is not reading, double-click the "Unplug or Eject Hardware" icon in the lower right corner of the hard drive recovery east bay sf taskbar, and "stop" the use of the device in the window that appears, and then download the device from hard drive recovery experts in birmingham the system. Delete the device option in the middle, and finally unplug the mobile hard drive from hard drive recovery fair oaks c a the host (remember not to unplug the hard drive while reading or writing, otherwise the laptop hard hard drive recovery for macbook pro drive is easily damaged).

  3.Even in a non-working state, vibration is the biggest killer of mobile hard drive recovery fort wayne indian a hard drives, which requires users to take effective shock absorption measures when carrying mobile hard drive recovery fort worth texas hard drives (some brands of mobile hard drives do better in this regard, and the device itself has hard drive recovery free 1 gig adopted Anti-vibration measures), it is best to put it in a box with plastic foam around.

  The above hard drive recovery free micro sd four points basically include the reasons and solutions for all computer systems that can't recognize hard drive recovery from bad sector the mobile hard disk. If the user plugs in the mobile hard disk and finds that the system can't hard drive recovery from broken computer recognize and can't use the mobile hard disk, please refer to the above content.