How to remove the dotted frame of Win11 desktop icon[Win11 Solutions]

10 2021-08-18 02:00

  Sometimes I don't know why the dotted frame appears on the desktop icon, which is particularly how to recover windows 7 key from external hard drive unsightly, so how to remove the dotted frame.Here is the solution:

  1: Right-click "Computer" on the how to recover windows 7 product key from hard drive start menu or desktop, open properties, or open "System" in the "Control Panel", then open the "Advanced how to recover windows 8 1 from usb recovery drive System Settings" function on the left, and open "Performance" in the "Advanced" "Settings", check how to recover windows 8 product key from hard drive "Use shadows for icon labels on the desktop", confirm, exit.

  Finish setting this item, restart " how to recover windows after hard drive swap hp laptop explorer.exe" (Explorer) process, the dotted frame on the desktop disappears.

  2: Restart the operation how to recover windows from safe mode using a usb of the resource manager process: in the task manager, end the explorer.exe process and create how to recover windows product key from unbootable hard drive the task again.

  Note: ①This method is not permanently removed, because the dashed frame is used for how to recover windows store games from a hard drive the keyboard arrow keys to select the desktop icon to locate the focus. The icon where the dashed how to recover windows10 using a usb from command prompt frame is located is the current focus position. Press the arrow keys to continue to shift the focus.This how to recover xbox one games on unpartitioned hard drive feature is a built-in property of the system and can't be eradicated.②On the premise of temporary how to recover your data from a dead hard drive removal, when the focus is on the desktop, press the Ctrl key, Shift key, arrow keys or number keys, how to recover your hard drive even when unallocated space or even automatically change the next wallpaper, the dotted frame will appear again, if you can't how to recover your hard drive when it crashed laptop stand it, then restart explorer.exe process.

  Here is a method to restart the batch file of the how to recover your hp computer using a hard drive resource manager:

  taskkill /f /im Explorer.exe

  start Explorer.exe

  Write the above three lines of how to recovery file from hard drive site youtube com code into the new TXT text file and rename it to "Restart explorer.bat", the extension is bat, not how to reformat a dell usb recovery drive silver drive txt.Double-click to execute this file, you can restart the explorer.