I want the most detailed graphic tutorials for i5128 master mass production CDROM[Win11 Solutions]

60 2021-08-18 01:50

  I saw that the chip "I think i5128" does not have a complete production tutorial. Today, I will best data recovery for broken harddrive write it for you. This tutorial is suitable for novices, so write it in detail as much as possible. best data recovery hard drive crash Experts don't read it. Don't be too long-winded. , I won't say much, let's get started!

  First of all, best data recovery hard drive software please download the ISO file you want to import.

  For example: the following ISO is relatively best data recovery software external drive old, you can download the latest and best pe image in the iso directory of this site.

  The detection best data recovery software external hdd result from the chip above is the I5128 master, click this master to find the mass production tool best data recovery software from usb PDX16 v1 on this site.Version 34 download.

  1.Open the yield tool:

  2.Click Settings, the following best data recovery software usb drives window will pop up, "USB Information Settings" does not need to be set, the default is OK,

  3.There best dead hard drive recovery software is no need to set "Flash Disk Settings", the default

  4."Partition adjustment" here, set "external best externa hard drive recovery company drive 1 external drive Type" to CD, and "external drive 1 Capacity" is determined according to the best external hard disk recovery software ISO size you want to produce; tick "external drive 2" and "external drive Type" as removable Disk, best external hard drive data recovery "disk volume label name" do not check

  5.Do not tick "Capacity Adjustment" at all

  6.Check the "Copy best external hard drive recovery company ISO file" item for the item "Replication and test of this file",

  7.Click "Select ISO File" to best external hard drive recovery mac pop up the following window, find the ISO file you want to produce in the window, and click "Open"

   best external hard drive recovery service 8."Other settings", don't need to set, don't tick

  9.OK, the setting is complete, click "OK" and the best external hard drive recovery software window closes

  10.Click "Scan" to start the production. At this time, a progress bar will be best external hard drive recovery tool displayed. When OK is displayed, it is successful.

  Unplug the external drive, plug it in again, and see best external hdd data recovery software if the external drive has become two partitions?

  One is a USB-CDCOM, and the other is a removable best failed hard drive recovery software disk. This area of the removable disk can also be used for USB-HDD booting, which becomes a dual best file recovery formatted hard drive boot.

  OK, the most complete I think the mass production tutorial is a perfect success, let's start best file recovery software for usb and install the system.