How to use external hard drive boot disk to partition with one key [Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-18 01:30

  Everyone knows that using the one-key partition under the CD-ROM, the 4Gexternal hard drive that windows 10 recovery usb blue screen with cursor has been used can not always one-click GHOST. It turns out that the external hard drive is not recognized windows 10 recovery usb boots to black screen under DOS, and the GHO file can't be found and it will not run.It is suspected to be a USB driver windows 10 recovery usb download for another pc problem, but many versions of the driver can't be used.

  I remember that 2G is fine before. After windows 10 recovery usb drive kills usb driver comparing it, I found that even if the 2Gexternal hard drive does not need a driver, the external windows 10 recovery usb drive upgrade license key drive can be recognized under DOS under F5 in the boot menu and no driver is loaded.

  The 4G external windows 10 recovery usb error 0x80042405 hard drive can be identified as a 2G partition. It is definitely not the fault of the driver, and windows 10 recovery usb error during system restor there is no need for any driver in the boot image IMA.

  Because of the poor compatibility of USB windows 10 recovery usb for another pc microsoft DOS drivers, external hard drives above 2G are not recognized under DOS.How to identify external hard windows 10 recovery usb from a different computer drive under DOS, the key steps are:

  convert x:/fs:ntfs (x is external hard drive drive letter)

   windows 10 recovery usb not including system files Modification process: first back up the ISO file.

  There are two types of ISO files, one is the CD- windows 10 recovery usb not loading site ROM version, that is, the ISO contains the GHO file of the system, and this one must be extracted windows 10 recovery usb not seeing usb drive first.The second is the external hard drive version, that is, the GHO file is in the second partition windows 10 recovery usb restore to previous date and can be changed arbitrarily.

  First deal with the CD-ROM version, take the computer company version windows 10 recovery usb safe mode form repair as an example:

  Use UltraISO to set GHOST_AUTO in EZBOOT in ISO.IMG is extracted, and then use windows 10 recovery usb sys disk too small UltraISO to open GHOST_AUTO.IMG, extract the autoexec inside.bat, then right click to edit autoexec. windows 10 recovery usb system drive too small bat:

  for %%i in (n,m,l,k,j,i,h,g,f,e,d,c) do if exist %%i:Majighost.exe %%i:Majighost.exe windows 10 recovery usb thre was a p -clone,mode=pload,src= -noide -nousb -crcignore -sure -rb

  Save, and then overwrite the modified file to windows 10 recovery usb to another hard drive GHOST_AUTO.In the IMG, save, and then put the modified GHOST_AUTO.IMG is overwritten to the ISO's EZBOOT windows 10 recovery usb without media creation tool folder.

  Bring up the 2 GHO files in the ISO and save them elsewhere and save the ISO file.

  After windows 10 recovery use a usb or dvd this modification, it is the ISO of the external hard drive version, and then look at the windows 10 recovery wiped my external hard drive following.

  The ISO of the external hard drive version, I and the ISO that has been changed above, need windows 10 remove recovery partition from hard drive to be in GHOST_AUTO.Add NTFS driver file NTFS4DOS in IMG.EXE.

  NTFS4DOS files can be extracted from windows 10 repair blue boot usb recovery drive the corresponding IMG files, or booted to the DOS toolbox and copied to the hard disk.

  Same as windows 10 system image recovery new hard drive above, modify GHOST_AUTO.IMG file, put NTFS4DOS in the IMG file, if there is not enough space, you can windows 10 system recovery usb using command prompt delete the CD-ROM drive.Modify autoexec.bat, add NTFS4DOS under @echo off.EXE.

  USB-CDROM mass windows 10 update corrupted hard drive no recovery produces the modified ISO, run convert x:/fs:ntfs and create a Maji folder in the external hard drive windows 10 usb hard drive recovery disk 1 partition (this can be changed arbitrarily, in the autoexec above.Corresponding in bat), copy GHOST windows 10 usb recovery and fully clean drive inside.EXE and the 2 extracted GHO files.

  Everyone, try the modified ISO again. One-click restore can windows 10 usb recovery drive for hp pavilion be used directly.If you don't worry, you can remove the GHO in the external hard drive folder and windows 10 usb recovery tool site microsoft com keep only GHOST.As long as the EXE runs, it must be good.

  Other menu items such as manual operation windows 10 use recovery usb and system image of GHOST or one-key division into 4 areas, just modify the corresponding IMG file to run.

  It has windows 10 will not boot from recovery usb been verified that several new and old motherboards of 4~8G are available.

  Of course, you can also windows 10 will not make a usb recovery directly use the one-key automatic partition tool to complete the above work instantly.