Anguo unknown master black colloidal external hard drive mass production repair successful tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-18 00:30

  A black colloidal external hard drive is broken, and I want to repair it in mass production. I can't recover hard drive recover data from external hard drive see what the main control is when I disassemble it. I thought that the main control could be recover hard drive space restore factory defaults dell p24t detected with chipgenius, but it was only detected as Anguo, and the main control showed unknown. , The recover license keys for installed software on hard drive flash memory is SanDisk's TLC, what can I do.

  Can you see if there is any chip information in the recover lost data from hard drive no longer recognizable black colloidal external hard drive?.

  There is no way, I can only try one by one, so I downloaded recover lost files on portable hard drive mac free a lot of Anguo's mass production tools to test which one can recognize it.

  The result is still not recover mac external lost volume using windows 10 free recognized external hard drive, such as ALCOR MP_v14.08.08.00 not recognized.Is it a fake Anguo recover media broken phone galaxy s7 without usb debugging master?

  It turns out that the opening method is wrong. After learning, Anguo's external hard drive recover microsoft office key from hard drive windows 7 needs to be opened with the latest mass production tool to open the LoadDriver in the folder.exe, its recover music and video from corrupted external hard drive VID is 058F, PID is 6387, click install, but do not close the dialog box, and then open AlcorMP.exe recover office 2010 product key from dead hard drive update should be fine.

  So I found a relatively new version of Anguo mass production tool to do it, recover office 2013 product key from external hard drive the version is v15.09.15.00. Using this method, it turns out that the external drive is found, but recover old external hard drive that is not loading it fails in the middle of mass production. After restarting, it is recognized as a external drive but recover permanently deleted files from hard drive windows 7 has no capacity.

  As far as the software comes with instructions, the higher the version, the recover pictures from desktop hard drive using sata cable better.

  Recognition situation:

  Finally find the latest latest ALCOR MP_v16.03.25.00 mass production recover product key from failed hard drive win 8.1 tool solution (can be downloaded directly), the following is the solution process.

  The first mass recover recycling bin files files from removed hard drive production situation:

  Started confusedly, and didn't make any configuration changes.

  Mass recover samsung galaxy s8 files from internal hard drive production setting mode: default low format with capacity, scan: full 2 ECC=8

  LLF. After 2 hours, 16GB recover save files from ps4 hard drive using pc was mass-produced 5.5GB.

  So yes, the second mass production situation:

  This time, I collected recover saved network login password on dead hard drive various strategies online.

  According to the guide, mass production setting method: advanced scan: new recover thunderbird deleted email with attachment from hard drive ECC=0

  After two minutes, MB was identified this time, which exceeded the theoretical value.

  The recover toshiba external hard drive deleted files without software capacity will come back, but

  It is found that the writing is abnormal, the format, DG, etc. can' recover ubuntu files from old hard drive using windows t be normal.

  Then began, the third mass production:

  This time I will understand the settings recover video and photos from external hard drive free literally by myself instead of following the guide.

  Mass production setting mode: default low format recover videos from a usb drive in windows 7 with volume scan: full 1 ECC=auto

  LLF. Within an hour and a half, 16GB was identified, and it was recover windows 10 key from a dead hard drive considered as basic mass production. The capacity was successfully restored.

  The speed has not recover windows 10 product key from external hard drive improved, and the information has changed a little.

  Summary: The first failure is that the default recover windows 10 product key from secondary hard drive software settings are too low and the capacity shrinks.

  The second failure can be said to be that recover windows 7 product key from external hard drive mass production did not go low, and the result was very unstable.

  I tested 4 external drives of the recover windows 7 product key from old hard drive same kind all night, and the following settings can basically be measured at once.

  So the correct recover windows 8 product key from external hard drive mass production setting should be: Low format-normal detection scan: full 1 ECC=auto

  At this point, recover windows activation key 8.1 from another hard drive the external hard drive of Anguo's unknown master has been repaired. If your external hard drive recover your hard drive file when it has died is also unknown to Anguo, you might as well try my mass production method. It should be easy to recovered data from external harddrive that is d succeed.