Solid State Drive InstallationDetailed graphic tutorials on for how to install SSD on notebook and desktop computers respectively[Win11 Solutions]

18 2021-08-18 00:10

  It is popular to install SSD now, but we may find someone to install it. In fact, we can simply recover data from phone with broken usb install the SSD ourselves, which can save a lot of installation costs. The following is an introduction recover data from physically damaged hard drive to how to install the SSD;

  The solid-state hard drive installation tutorial is divided into recover data from portable harddrive not working ordinary desktop computer solid-state hard drive installation and notebook computer solid-state hard drive recover data from ps4 damaged hard drive installation, the following respectively introduces ordinary 2.The ssd installation of 5-inch ssd recover data from quick formatted hard drive and mSATA interface:

  Desktop solid-state hard drive installation tutorial:

  The installation recover data from raid 1 hard drive method of desktop solid-state hard disk is the same as that of mechanical hard disk. It is also divided recover data from raid 5 hard drive into power supply port and data port. If it is a notebook expansion, it can be placed on the optical recover data from raw external hard drive drive position. If it is a mechanical hard disk replacement, it can be directly connected to the recover data from raw hard drive freeware corresponding replacement. , Just replace the original interface directly, remember here that general recover data from raw hard drive partition solid state hard drives support SATA3 or higher interfaces, so as to improve the actual performance recover data from raw mode hard drive of the hard drive.

  1. Find the wire for installing the SSD in the case. The first is the power recover data from raw usb flash drive input interface of the SSD. This is the wire drawn from the power supply of the computer.The word P4 recover data from raw usb for free has no special meaning, it just marks that this is the fourth such interface provided by the power recover data from reformatted hard drive mac supply.

  The shape is a flat mouth, as shown in Figure 1:

  2. Next is the data input and output recover data from safeboot encrypted hard drive interface of the SSD hard disk, the SATA cable, the width is much shorter than the hard disk power cable, recover data from sata laptop hard drive and the smaller is also the flat port.

  as shown in picture 2:

  3. Install a Kingston SSD, model recover data from sd card using usb SSDNow V100 128G, with a nominal read and write performance of 250/220 MB/S, as shown in Figure 3:

recover data from seagate central hard drive   4. It is basically difficult to make mistakes when the cables are aligned with the corresponding recover data from seagate external hard disk ports on the tail of the SSD, because the ports are all dedicated and can't be inserted if they are recover data from seagate external hard drive mistaken, as shown in Figure 4:

  5. After connecting the power and data cables to the corresponding recover data from solid state hard drive SSD interface positions, the installation is basically completed.As shown in Figure 5:

  1. Put it recover data from sophos encrypted hard drive in the case, cover the side panel, even if it is finished, we have to install the operating system at recover data from symantec encrypted hard drive last.

  Before installation, turn on the computer and press the corresponding key on the keyboard recover data from toshiba laptop hard drive to enter the BIOS interface according to the screen prompts, as shown in Figure 7:

  2. Select this recover data from unallocated external hard drive item on the picture to start the device setting, as shown in Fig. 8:

  3. Click the first item again recover data from undetectable external hard drive to enter the following interface, as shown in Figure 9:

  Turn on the hard disk AHCI mode

  Please recover data from undetected external hard disk remember that after installing the solid state drive, remember to turn on AHCI in the bios. The specific recover data from undetected internal hard drive operation method is to click the del key when entering the system, enter the bios to find the recover data from unformatted external hard drive advanced mode, find the AHCI mode in the hard disk mode, select it, and press F10 to save and restart. recover data from uninitialized external hard disk

  How to align in 4K

  In fact, you don't need to know what 4K alignment is. I'm here to tell you recover data from unmountable usb drive mac that it's one more step with traditional mechanical hard drives. If alignment is done, the speed of recover data from unmounted hard drive mac use will be significantly improved, so how to do it? If you reinstall the system, use the system recover data from unreadable external hard drive directly. Just reformat the disk on the solid-state hard drive. If you use a tool such as pe to install, recover data from unreadable hard drive mac you can use the hard disk tool to format on the 4 096 node, and then use the 4K software to check recover data from unreadable usb flash drive whether it is.(The main theory of this article, the editor will actually demonstrate the steps in other recover data from unrecognized external hard drive articles)

  1. After the system is installed, restart the computer twice and use the software to recover data from unrecognized internal hard drive check the basic information of the SSD: as shown in Figure 10:

  2. Use CrystalDiskMark software to recover data from usb drive not detected test the performance, everything is normal, consistent with the performance level marked by Kingston recover data from usb drive not recognized products, as shown in Figure 11:

  3. Test the performance of SSD, copy and compress files, and recover data from usb drive windows 10 decompress an office2007 file in less than 20 seconds, the file size is 900MB, as shown in Figure 12:

  recover data from usb external hard drive  At this point, the installation of the SSD is completed. The cost of the SSD is still relatively recover data from usb flash drive free high, so the user can install an SSD hard disk that adapts to the size according to their needs, so as recover data from usb flash drive linux not to cause unnecessary waste.

  How to install the mini mSATA solid-state drive on a desktop recover data from usb flash drive mac computer:

  Since the mSATA interface specification was formulated, it was widely used in notebook computer recover data from usb stick after format motherboards to install devices such as wireless network cards, solid state drives, etc.However, recover data from usb stick without formatting desktop motherboards this year also began to support MSATA SSD interface, but users seldom contact, recover data from usb that needs formatting many people do not know the existence of this interface specification, let alone how to install and recover data from water damaged hard drive use, as the solid state drive technology matures, the future of solid state drives Our computers recover data from wd hard drive montreal will gradually become popular, so computer enthusiasts should follow the editor to see how to install recover data from windows 10 hard drive a mini solid state drive.

  How to install SSD mSATA on a desktop computer

  In fact, it is not recover data from windows 7 hard drive difficult to use the SSD with mSATA interface. The installation of the SSD with mSATA interface specification recover data from windows xp hard drive can even be completed in only three steps. The details are as follows:

  Step 1. First find the recover data from wiped hard drive reddit corresponding interface in the motherboard (mainly some new motherboards this year, you must pay recover data from xbox 360 hard drive attention and consult clearly when buying), and then insert the mini solid state drive into the mSATA recover data galaxy note 9 no usb interface at a 45° angle, as shown in the following figure:

  Insert the solid state drive into the recover data hard drive durham north carolin a mSATA interface at a 45° angle

  Step 2. Gently press the mini SSD solid-state drive down to make recover data internal hard drive not recognized the hard drive golden finger and the interface antennae come into close contact, as shown in the figure recover data my passport external hard drive below:

  After inserting the corresponding interface of the motherboard, press down on the mini recover data off a broken hard drive solid state drive

  Step 3. Use screws to fix the mini SSD solid state drive on the motherboard.

  Fixed recover data off broken external hard drive solid state drive