How to solve the problem that the External external hard drive cannot be opened when it becomes RAW format with 0 bytes[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-18 00:00

  The mobile hard disk was accidentally scrapped by me, and the following situation occurred: the free recover lost.dir files on external sd card disk can be found, but the previous name is not displayed, and it can't be opened!As soon as you open free recovering deleted usb drive on win 7 it, it shows whether the disk is formatted!Can't open it anyhow!I'm so anxious!Finally found a solution free recovery software for external hard drive 1tb online!Publish now!for reference!

  Method one, system chkdsk command repair

  Click "Run" → enter free recovery software for formatted external hard drive cmd → enter "chkdsk (drive letter): /f".There is a space between the colon and the backslash, after free recovery software for seagate external hard drives writing the drive letter, remove the brackets.Such as "chkdsk i: /f".Press enter to run.

  The free recovery software recover overwritten photos hard drive repair is complete, the mobile hard disk is used as it is, and the data is still there, so this method free software for recovery off external hard drive is recommended for everyone to try.

  But if your hard disk MBR and MFT are damaged, or there are free software portable for recovering corrupt hard drives bad sectors, this method is also easy to jam.The specific reflection is that after running the command, free software to recover data from usb drive it will prompt "Unable to determine the volume version or status, CHKDSK was aborted".This is the free software to recover files from hard drive case with my hard drive. At this time, we can only find another way.

  Method two, data recovery free software to recover lost files from usb software

  The mobile hard disk suddenly becomes a RAW file system, double-clicking prompts that it free software to recover photos from hard drive needs to be formatted, right-clicking to view the attribute is 0 bytes.I can't open it either. I tried free software to retrieve deleted files from usb various methods on the Internet and all failed. Finally, I used EasyRecovery to recover the data, free usb bootable windows 10 recovery program 2018 and then formatted the mobile hard drive.

  I am using EasyRecovery Professional Edition 6.10. free usb drive data recovery software full version Sinicized.It's very simple to use, just follow the prompts:

  2.Advanced recovery

  3.Select the partition free usb flash drive data recovery 1.1 5.8 you need to recover

  4.Click the advanced options below the pie chart.Notice!!!Be sure to change free usb flash drive data recovery license key the label of the file system in this option to the original format of your hard disk. For example, if free usb flash drive data recovery software download you are originally FAT32, choose FAT32. After scanning, the original folders and files on your hard free usb knoppix windows 10 recovery program 2018 disk will appear.Do not leave it blank. If it is left blank, it will be restored according to the free usb linux windows 10 recovery program 2018 file type. After the restoration, small single files such as pictures, word, mp3, etc. can be found. free usb recovery file hp slim s5 1126 Large installation files are all beaten. Lost and unusable.The first time I recovered, I made a mistake free way to recover deleted files from usb here. After the recovery, I found it was completely useless and wasted a long time.

  5. scan free windows 7 administrator password recovery tool usb document .If the previous step is correct, the interface of this step should look like this:

  6. Select free windows 7 password recovery usb for mac the file you want to recover.Select the file to be restored in the above interface.Click Next after free windows 8 1 password recovery tool usb choosing.

  7.Restore the picture shows:

  8.Format the RAW partition and copy back the freeware windows 8 password recovery usb toms hardware recovered files.

  If it is a hard disk with multiple types of partitions (for example, a laptop hard freeware windows 8 password recovery usb tom's hardware disk has several areas, including FAT32 and NTFS), and the partition can't be recognized, the freeze a clicking hard drive to recover dat a following methods can be used:

  A. When only small files need to be restored: When only small files need freeze usb drive to recover data how long to be restored, such as word, mp3, *.c. When you wait for files that can work independently, you galaxy s6 recovery mode not working usb hak can use RAW recovery, that is, ignore the recovery of the file system.

  B. Need to restore large files generic flash disk 2.0 usb device format tool represented by software installation packages: first select one file system type to scan, and then get rid of chrome recovery partition on usb select another to scan.Under the scanning situation of the associated file system, it can be restored gta v ps3 usb menu 1 27 recovery according to the folder.

  Another: The laptop hard disk has a different interface from the desktop hard disk drive data recovery software free download hard disk, and ordinary IDE or SATA interfaces can't be used. At this time, you can find a mobile hard drive bad sector recovery software free download hard disk box, install the laptop hard disk, and connect it to another computer for recovery in the hard drive broken but recovery partition still goo form of USB. data.