How to use a wireless router wifi on a desktop computer[Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-17 23:40

  Everyone knows that if you want to surf the Internet, you have to plug in a network cable. It is recover windows live mail password from hard drive different from a laptop. Laptops generally come with wifi wireless Internet access by default, and recover windows product ket from old hard drive desktops generally don't have it, so most desktops need it. Pull a network cable from the router to the recover windows product key from external hard drive back of the desktop host to connect to the Internet. This disadvantage is obvious, that is, you recover windows using recovery media usb for dell need to arrange a network cable at home. It is okay if the network cable is embedded before the decoration. recover windows vista product key from hard drive If the network cable is exposed outside, it is ugly, so some people will ask, how can a desktop recover windows xp product key from hard drive computer use a wireless router to access the Internet.The answer is yes, and it can be achieved at recovered files from external hard drive partition wizard a very cheap price, that is, just buy a wireless network card, something like the picture below

  This recovering a chromebook without a usb or sd is the wireless network card. It has a USB interface. Just plug it into the USB port of the desktop recovering a hard drive that's been re imaged computer to receive the signal from the wifi wireless router to access the Internet, and it can recovering a windows license after hard drive crash be used without installing a driver, such as this famous one. The TPlink-TL-WN726N wireless network recovering chrome bookmarks from an old hard drive card is only 40 yuan, and there is a cheaper one more than 20 yuan. It is recommended not to buy too recovering corrupt hard drive using ftps docking station cheap, because the quality is not good and it is annoying to often drop the line.

  There are two recovering corrupted password protected data on a usb types of wireless network cards, one is usb, the one in the picture above, and the other is pci-e recovering data from a broken external hars drive network card. Relatively speaking, the quality of pci is better, the signal receiving ability is stronger, recovering data from a burned up hard drive the price is more expensive, and the installation is more troublesome. It supports dual-band wifi, recovering data from a corrupted usb flash drive that is, the 5G channel is supported, and the appearance is like this:

  For general household recovering data from a dead clicking hard drive use, usb is recommended, because the installation is quick and convenient, no driver is required.

  The recovering data from a dead external hard drive usage is as follows:

  Plug the USB wireless network card into the USB port, and there will be an recovering data from a dead hard drive asp extra wifi signal icon in the lower right corner of the computer desktop, which is the same as the recovering data from a dead hard drive mac laptop, as shown in the figure below.

  We are like mobile phones or laptops, click on the wifi name recovering data from a dead laptop hard drive of your home and enter the wifi password to access the Internet. It's not too easy.

  Of course, some recovering data from a failed hard drive service computers that are XP systems may need a separate wireless network card driver. Because the system recovering data from a failing bitlocker hard drive is too old, we can go directly to the official website of the brand you bought to download the driver recovering data from a faulty external hard drive and install it. Generally, you can buy a driver-free version of the wireless network card. All recovering data from a formatted hard drive mac very cheap.

  You only need to pay a few tens of dollars and you don't need to pull the network cable recovering data from a hard drive that won' everywhere at home. If you have a longer network cable, it costs more than 10 dollars, so the wireless recovering data from a hard drive time sensitive network card is more practical. You can use the wireless router to access the Internet as soon as recovering data from a sata dead hard drive you plug in the desktop computer. , Very simple.