MBR virus causes the external hard drive to be locked into the system for how to solve the tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-17 23:30

  If you are unable to enter the system, a line of red words **** YOU POJIEZHE and so on appears after data recovery from a failed hard drive mechanical failure nyc booting, which means that you have caught the MBR virus and locked the hard drive. If you don't data recovery from formatted ntfs to ext4 external hard drive know how to fix it, just restore the C drive system. , The data of the entire hard disk is finished, data recovery from internal hard drive m 2 not detected so this tutorial is very important.

  The information of the primary partition and the extended data recovery from win 10 hard drive in usb dock partition is stored in the MBR of the hard disk, which means that when the system is powered on, the data recovery on a toshiba exyernal 2 tb hard drive motherboard is powered on to various parts, and then the system information in the mbr partition of the data recovery software cant detect my wd external hard drive hard disk is read, and then the system is loaded. If this MBR If the partition information is wrong, data recovery software for external hard drive that wont spin you will be prompted with an error message, and this error message can be customized (by modifying data recovery software formatted hard disk free download wd external the MBR partition information), such as: qq---, I am virus! **** you :-)[I am a virus, go to ***!], data recovery western digital hdd repair tool hard drive repair **** YOU POJIEZHE[去***, the cracker!] Or something, so I can't get into the system.

  This problem data recovery wizard on hard drive that is not seen is mainly caused by the modification of the Mbr partition by the virus.

  Let me teach you a solution deleted files can be retrieved from an external flash drive to lossless data, lossless hard disk, and no need to reinstall the system.

  I'm done talking deleted floders off external hard drive did nt recover space nonsense, get back to business, how to solve this problem?

  If this problem occurs, you must enter the dell backup and recovery stuck at preparing your hard drive PE operation, because the hard disk system has been damaged. As for how to enter winpe, simply use a dell backup and recovery usb getting boot file not found external drive to make a USB boot disk and boot from the external drive.

  First look at the performance dell backup and recovery usb system image cannot be found after MBR damage:

  Damaged sample one:

  Damaged sample two:

  Damaged sample three:

  2.Open dell backup and recovery windows 8 no usb key detected and download the diskgenius partition tool and use it, you can see that the hard disk data is all dell computer if hard drive crashed how do i recover gone.

  3.Don't worry, right-click on "Hard Disk" and select "Search for Lost Partitions (Rebuild dell computer if hard drive crashes how do i recover Master Boot Record)".

  4.Select "Entire Hard Drive" and click "Start Search".

  5.Search for such data dell factory recovery media does it format my hard drive and click "Keep".

  6.If this dialog box still appears, continue to select "Keep" and click "OK" dell inspiron 15 7567 windows 10 recovery usb on ssd when the progress reaches 100%.

  7.Click the "Save" button.

  8.Then you will find that the data is dell laptop and how to install recovery media from usb back.

  9.Rebuild Master Boot Record.

  Select all the boxes that popped out: "Yes".

  10.Fix the dell os recovery and restore usb key on another computer "system boot", which is also operated in PE.

  Familiar startup screen.

  Summary: The MBR virus is not dell os recovery tool burning os to usb key 1 terrible. The key is to fix it with accurate tools at the first time, not to restore the system or dell os recovery tool burning os to usb key stuck reinstall the system. Otherwise, the original data on the hard disk will be lost, and the loss is dell os recovery tool stuck burning os to usb key really great. Hope Can help you.