How to make a multiPE boot image[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-17 23:20

  WINPE all-in-one simple integration tutorial

  Software to know: EASYBOOT, WINHEX (or ULTRAEDIT), mac os x lion recovery usb ULTRAISO

  WINPE circulating on the Internet is basically based on ISO (IS_) and IMG (IM_).How to mac os x mavericks recovery usb integrate the most streamlined PE and the most versatile PE has become a common idea.This is easy to mac os x recover usb drive do with EasyBoot.EasyBoot has become the favorite of CD makers due to its beautiful interface and easy mac os x recovery boot usb modification.Therefore, in order to facilitate integration for the majority of netizens, I will mac os x recovery disk usb briefly explain how to integrate multiple PEs (how to use EASYBOOT is not discussed here).

  First mac os x recovery external drive install the above 3 software, create a directory on the hard disk, such as D:\BOOT, then create a secondary mac os x recovery hard drive subdirectory EZBOOT, and put several files EZBOOT needed by EASYBOOT.DAT, LOADER.BIN, CDMENU.Copy mac os x recovery mode usb EZB (sample file) to the EZBOOT directory.

  1: First understand the boot process of PE CD

  BOOTCD_ mac os x recovery partition usb with old Maotao XPPE.Take an ISO file as an example. This ISO file is a bootable CD file. Open mac os x recovery usb drive the ISO file with ULTRAISO and save the boot file to D:\BOOT\EZBOOT\XP.BIF, extract all files in the mac os x recovery usb key CD to D:\BOOT

  From the above directory structure, we can see the boot process of PE CD, first start mac os x recovery usb stick the boot file XP.BIF, then find SETUPLDR in the WXPE directory.BIN, read WINNT.XPE, load WINPE.IS_ mac os x recovery usb windows , then WXPE\NTDETECT.COM starts PE, that is


  2: mac os x recovery usb yosemite How to integrate Lao Maotao's second PE

  Because Lao Maotao's PE and startup files are the mac os x sierra recovery usb same, so we have to rename him.

  BOOTCD_ integrated with old Maotao.Take ISO as an example, use mac recover deleted files from usb ULTRAISO to open and save the boot file as XP305.Put BIF into D:\BOOT\EZBOOT, put WXPE\SETUPLDR.BIN mac recover deleted files usb drive extraction was renamed to SETUPLDR.Put 305 into D:\BOOT\WXPE.Here XP305.The file to look for after BIF mac recover external hard drive dat a boot is SETUPLDR.BIN, so you need to modify XP305.BIF file, open with WINHEX, put all SETUPLDR.BIN mac recovery mode external hard drive replaced with SETUPLDR.305, save.

  Same WINNT.XPE has the same name, renamed to WINNT after extraction.Copy mac recovery mode mount usb drive 305 to D:\BOOT, open SETUPLDR with WINHEX.305, put all WINNT.Replace XPE with WINNT.305, mac recovery mode new hard drive save.

  Same WINPE.IS_ has the same name, renamed to WINPE305 after extraction.IS_, copy to D:\BOOT, mac recovery mode no hard drive open WINNT with Notepad.305, put the WINPE inside.IS_ replaced with WINPE305.IS_.

  3: How to modify mac recovery partition on external drive the name of the external program directory

  Multiple PEs, it is not possible to use the same external mac seagate external hard drive recover program, especially when XPPE and 2003PE are on one CD at the same time.Above BOOTCD_.Take ISO as mac won't boot recovery usb disk an example, extract the external program and rename it to external program 305, copy it to D:\BOOT, macbook air 10.6 recovery usb drive and put WINPE305.IS_ renamed WINPE305.CAB (or.RAR), open with WINRAR to get a WINPE.ISO file, open macbook air usb os recovery key with ULTRAISO, extract \WXPE\SYSTEM32\PECMD.INI, open with Notepad, replace all "\外置programs" in it macbook boot from external drive recovery with "\外置program305", save and replace to WINPE.ISO file.Put this WINPE.ISO compressed as WINPE305.IS_copy macbook dead hard drive data recovery and replace to D: \BOOT.At the same time modify the WINPE in the 305 directory of \External macbook hard drive data recovery cost Program.INI file content, replace all "external programs" with "external programs 305".

  4: What is macbook hard drive failure data recovery the difference between IS_(ISO) and IM_(IM_) startup files in the CD?

  The content of a file is macbook hard drive recovery austin tx different, such as WINNT.305, yes IM_(IM_) The content is:



  OsLoadOptions="/minint macbook internet recovery new hard drive /fastdetect /rdpath=WinPE.IM_"

  The content of IS_(ISO) macbook internet recovery no hard drive is:



  OsLoadOptions="/minint /fastdetect /rdexportascd macbook new hard drive internet recovery /rdpath=WinPE.IS_"

  Note that the system directory and file name should not be wrong above (take macbook pro 2017 hard drive recovery RAMDISK as an example).

  4: Integration with EASYBOOT

  There is nothing to talk about at this step, macbook pro hard drive crash recovery it should be all, each menu corresponds to

  It should be noted that the "optimized CD file", "DOS", macbook pro recovery firewire to usb "Joliet" are selected, the last of which indicates that long file (directory) names are macbook pro recovery new hard drive supported.

  Introduce a quick start technique to everyone:

  1. Use WinRAR to convert WinPE.IM_ or WinPE.IS_ macbook pro recovery os x usb unzip to get WinPE.IMG and WinPE.ISO, replacing the IM_ or IS_ file in the ISO image;

  2. Use Notepad macbook pro recovery with bootable usb to modify WINNT.SIF and WINNT.XPE, WinPE.IM_ or WinPE.IS_ changed to WinPE.IMG and WinPE.ISO;

   macbook recovery hd to usb adapter 3. Replace setup/setup.WinPE in bat.IM_ and WinPE.IS_ is WinPE.IMG and WinPE.ISO.

  In this way, macbook recovery mode no hard drive although the volume of WinPE has increased (it is estimated that there is no problem with putting down macos bootable usb boots to recovery a CD), it saves the time to decompress the CBA file during startup, and the startup speed is significantly macos el capitan create recovery usb increased.