sxsexe svohostDetailed introduction of exe external hard drive virus[Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-17 23:00

  sxs.exe svohost.Detailed introduction of exe external hard drive virus

  sxs.exe Rising is called can i recover mac hard drive Trojan.PSW.QQPass.pqb virus, sxs.The characteristic of exe is that it can be spread through removable can i recover my hard drive disks. The main harm is the theft of QQ accounts and passwords, and it will terminate the process can my hard drive be recovered of a large number of anti-virus software and reduce the security level of the system.

  Manually can norton recover hard drive crash delete "sxs.exe virus" method:

  Do not double-click the partition disk during the following whole can psn recover data from harddrive process. When you need to open it, use the right mouse button-open

  1. Turn off the virus process

  Ctrl can you boot from recovery usb + Alt + Del task manager, search for sxs or SVOHOST in the process (not SVCHOST, one letter can you recover a broken usb difference), if any, terminate it .

  Two, show the hidden system can you recover a hard drive files

  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL, modify the CheckedValue key can you recover a shot usb value to 1. external hard drive Home

  It should be noted here that the virus will delete the originally can you recover broken hard drive valid DWORD value CheckedValue, create an invalid string value CheckedValue, and change the key can you recover deleted usb files value to 0!We change this to 1 is useless.(Some virus variants will delete this CheckedValue directly, can you recover encrypted hard drive just like the following, you can rebuild one by yourself).

  Method: Delete the CheckedValue key can you recover formatted hard drive value, right-click to create a new-Dword value-named CheckedValue, and then modify its key value to 1 can you recover iphone hard drive , so that you can select "Show all hidden files" and "Show system files".

  Set the system files and can you recover melted hard drive hidden files to display in the folder-tools-folder options

  Three, delete the virus

  Click the can you recover usb deleted files right mouse button on the partition disk-open it, and see autorun under each disk and directory.inf and can you recover wiped hard drive sxs.exe two files, delete them.

  Fourth, delete the automatic operation of the virus

  Open the cannot create hp bios recovery usb registry and run-regedit

  Find the SoundMam key value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Run, cannot create recovery usb windows 10 there may be two, delete the key value C:\\WINDOWS\system32\SVOHOST.exe.Finally, cannot create usb recovery windows 10 go to C:\\WINDOWS\system32\ and delete SVOHOST.exe or sxs.exe .After restarting the computer, cannot find iso on recovery usb it is found that the anti-virus software can be opened, and the partition disk can be opened by cannot recover external hard drive partition double-clicking.

  Anti-virus software real-time monitoring can be turned on, but it can't run automatically cannot recover external hard drive partittion after booting

  The easiest way is to add and remove components of the anti-virus software-repair, cannot start windows from recovery usb and that's it.