How to fix it displays Unable to stop the universal volume device when I unplug the external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

33 2021-08-17 22:10

  When you safely delete the external hard drive, you often encounter the prompt "Unable to stop deep data recovery hard drive near me the'Universal Volume' device, please stop the device later."Can I forcibly remove the external drive in delete healthy recovery partition external hard drive this case.Of course not!If you unplug it forcibly at this time, it is easy to damage the computer U delete recovery hard drive partitions windows 10 port or your external hard drive.If you have important data on your external drive, it is likely to delete recovery partition on old hard drive be destroyed.So what should I do?

  Here I write several common solutions for your reference:

  The deleted file recovery from external hard drive first method (this is also the most commonly used method I suggest you all):

  Often when we take deleted files from hardrive recover mac os out files or data from the external drive, we always use the "copy" and "paste" methods, and if the deleted files on usb need to recover file on the external drive is copied, the file will always be placed on the clipboard of the system. deleted image recovery from external drive mac , In a standby state.And if we want to delete the external hard drive in this case, the above prompt deleted photo recovery software for usb drive that the external hard drive can't be stopped will appear.

  The corresponding solution is: clear dell backup and recovery can't find usb your clipboard, or just copy a file and paste it on your hard disk. At this time, you can delete the dell backup and recovery external hard drive prompt of the external drive to see if it is deleted smoothly.?

  The second method:

  If you think dell backup and recovery hard drive external the above method is not valid, you can use the following method:

  Press the keyboard "Ctrl"+"Alt"+" dell backup and recovery hard drive space Del" key combination at the same time, then the "Task Manager" window will appear, click the "Process" dell backup and recovery new hard drive tab, and look for "rundll32" in the "Image name".exe "process, select" rundll32.exe" process, and dell backup and recovery not detecting usb then click "End Process", then a task manager warning will pop up, asking you to confirm whether to dell backup and recovery not recognizing usb close this process, click "Yes" to close "rundll32".exe" process.Then delete the external hard drive dell backup and recovery usb not detected and you can delete it normally.Please note when using this method: if there are multiple "rundll32 dell backup and recovery usb won't load .exe" process, you need to add multiple "rundll32."exe" processes are all closed.

  This method also dell backup and recovery windows 10 usb uses the task manager, press the keyboard "Ctrl"+"Alt"+"Del" key combination at the same time, the dell backup and recovery windows 8 usb "Task Manager" window appears, click "Process", look for "EXPLORER".EXE" process and end it.At this dell backup recovery copy external hard drive time you will find that your desktop is missing, please don't panic, continue with the following dell bios recovery 2 encrypted hard drive operations, in the task manager, click "File"-"New Task"-enter EXPLORER.EXE-OK.Then delete the external dell bios recovery 2 from hard drive hard drive, you will find that it can be safely deleted.

  The fourth method:

  This method is the dell boot from usb recovery fast blink easiest, but the most time-consuming, that is, restart your computer.

  Install unlocker software

   dell chromebook 11 doesn't recognize recovery usb If you think it is a bit troublesome to solve the problem when a problem occurs, you can take the dell create recovery usb window 10 problem following precautionary measures in advance:

  Turn off the preview function of the system.

  Method: dell create system recovery usb flash drive Double-click My Computer-Tools-Folder Options-General-Tasks-use windows traditional style folders, dell desktop xps bios recovery from usb and then click OK.It's done once and for all.

  Tips: At present, the technology of some external hard dell direct usb recovery key win 7 drives is in place, and some external hard drives can be directly plugged in and unplugged.However, dell factory recovery media external hard drive no matter how good the external drive is, there is a time when it can't be directly plugged in or dell inspirion 3558 recovery download to usb unplugged. It is to look carefully at the small light on your external drive. When the light flashes dell inspiron 15 2014 hard drive recovery continuously, it means that you are reading and writing data continuously. Don't pull it out at the dell inspiron 1545 hard drive info recovery time, otherwise the data will be damaged, and the external hard drive will be scrapped.

  external dell inspiron 1545 recovery usb download free hard drive is commonly used in work relationship, and I have learned the above methods for a long dell inspiron 5555 bios a08 recovery usb time. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  can't see the drive letter after the external hard drive dell inspiron boot from recovery usb drive is forcibly dialed out in WIN7

  Phenomenon: The drive letter can't be displayed in the external dell inspiron recover usb boot not working hard drive computer, and it can't be entered.There is a yellow exclamation mark in the wpd filesystem dell laptop recovery hard drive data externally volume driver in the device manager, and the update display is the latest. After uninstalling the dell laptop xps m1710 make recovery usb disk drive, inserting the external hard drive is still the same.

  1.Right-click on the computer and dell os recovery and restore usb key select Manage

  2.Click Device Manager.You will see yellow "in the "WPD" file system volume driver dell os recovery tool external hard drive software!".

  3.Click the disk drive and right-click "Uninstall" one by one until the WPD file system dell os recovery tool not detecting hardrive disappears.

  4. Back to the computer management window, open "Disk Management" under "Storage".At dell os recovery tool usb not bootable the bottom is the list of disks.   5. Right-click the "removable disks" without a drive letter one dell os recovery tool usb not booting by one, select "change drive letter and path", and assign a drive letter (drive letter) to each disk. dell os recovery tool usb not working 6.Return to device manager.

  7. Click "Scan for hardware changes"."Unknown device" will be found, dell os recovery tool usb won't boot and the problem will be resolved immediately.

  "The solution to the inability to stop the'Universal dell recovery & restore usb wont boot Volume' device is generally the above, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.