After installing Win11 on Z170 and other sixthgeneration motherboards USB cant be used to solve the tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

32 2021-08-17 22:00

  Z170 and other motherboards belong to the sixth-generation INTEL CPU motherboards. After this how to recover hidden files in usb using cmd version, Intel removed the EHCI master control on the skylake platform and changed it to XHCI master how to recover hidden files on a hard drive control support. The native WIN7 system does not support XHCI master control, so if you If you use these how to recover hidden files on usb flash drive motherboards to install win7, you will find that after installing the system in the previous way, how to recover hidden folder in external hard disk all the usbs will be unavailable when you log in to the system interface for the first time. How to how to recover hiding file from my external drive solve this situation, is it not installed win7.Not at all. Although there are many tools on the how to recover individual hard drive mac recovery mode Internet that can rewrite the ISO image to support 100 series motherboard USB, the rewrite can only support how to recover info from a broken hard drive one version of the system. At present, we still use one WIM package to install multiple versions. how to recover info from a crashed hard drive , external hard drive space is also small, use DISM++ to directly rewrite the existing drivers how to recover info off of a hard drive inside WIM, but after the final save, you need a version and a package, which takes up too much space, how to recover information from a broken hard drive and the rewritten system is installed after the 7 series, 8 series, 9 series motherboard There will how to recover information from a crashed hard drive be USB driver incompatibility issues, so it is not recommended.

  The easiest way to measure:

  Download how to recover information from a damaged hard drive DISM++ here

  Download USB3 here.0 drive

  1. After downloading, put it in the bootable external how to recover information from a dead hard drive hard drive or put it in the non-system partition of the hard disk

  2. Enter the PE system

  3. Use how to recover information from damaged external hard drive DISM++ tool to import the driver

  Specific operation:

  After installing the system under PE, do how to recover information off a crashed hard drive not restart, that is, before you are ready to restart, open DISM++ and operate according to the above how to recover information on a damaged hard drive figure, and then select usb3.0 The drive folder corresponds to the system drive folder, pay attention how to recover iphone backup from external hard drive to match X86 and X64 with your computer, don't make a mistake, and then restart, the situation how to recover iphoto library from external hard drive that USB can't be used in the user name input interface will not appear.