Kingtike KTS30 USB30 external hard drive disassembly evaluation[Win11 Solutions]

25 2021-08-17 21:20

  KT-S30 series USB3 released by Kingteck.0 external drive, 16GB capacity is only 199 yuan price, recovery hard drive with bad sectors allowing ordinary users to buy high-speed USB3.0 becomes possible.We have brought you reviews before.Today recovery key for external hard drive we got this Jintike USB3 again.0 external drive, but it is different from the previous product, recovery mac hard drive on windows its internal chip has undergone a brand new replacement, the author will disassemble the secret recovery manager hp windows 7 usb below. external hard drive Home

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  Kingtike KT-S30 series USB3.0 USB Appearance

  Kingtike KT-S30 Series 16GB USB3.0 The size recovery mode copy files linux usb of the external drive is 68×20×8mm. It adopts a high-quality aluminum shell. The restrained black recovery mode mac files onto usb color sets off the product's steady tonality and fully demonstrates the slim design style of the recovery no sd card external found body.The neat appearance of the design perfectly presents the technological texture.The pattern design recovery not recoginizng my hard drive with fashionable bubble elements is the highlight of the product, and the aesthetics is extremely recovery of a formatted hard drive strong.

  Kingtike KT-S30 series USB3.0USB interface

  Kingtike KT-S30 Series 16GB USB3.0external hard recovery of deleted files from usb drive uses high-speed USB3.0 interface and large storage capacity to meet the needs of the public. recovery of external hard drive dat aEspecially the transmission performance is far ahead of the general traditional USB2.0 Nearly 3 times recovery of wd1 external hard drive the high-speed reading performance.At the same time, after official testing, Kingtike KT-S30 series recovery of wd1 external raid drive 16GB USB3.0 The fastest read/write speed of the external drive can reach 59.9MB/S and 42.Excellent recovery off broken external hard drive performance of 6MB/S.

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  recovery on hard drive via usb  Kingtike KT-S30 Series 16GB USB3.0external drive supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS10.X operating recovery partition located on second hardrive system, can meet the transfer of a large number of audio and video files or picture data, and recovery partition to usb windows 7 can be backed up quickly at any time.Regarding its performance, the author first sells a key here, let recovery partitions making usb stick from us first take a look at the composition of the internal chip of the product.please watch the following recovery programs for external hard drives part.

  Kingtike KT-S30 USB3.0 external drive disassembly evaluation: