How to fix the external hard drive cannot be opened The solution is attached[Win11 Solutions]

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  Why can't the USB drive be opened?

  My external drive can't be opened. When I plug it in, there how to recover deleted photos from usb is a display below, but it can't be detected in my computer. I have tried it on many PCs, all of which how to recover deleted photos hard drive are like this.It should be poisoned, but it can't be detected. How to kill the virus?

  Not poisoned.In how to recover deleted pictures from usb this case, you can use the ChipEasy software to detect your master model.After determining the how to recover deleted pictures hard drive model, you can download the appropriate mass production tool.For example, a Lenovo external drive how to recover deleted powerpoint from usb test report:

  Device name: [L:]USB Mass Storage Device (disk drive)

  PNP device ID: VID=17EF PID=38 how to recover deleted usb drive fies 25

  Device serial number: B0009CA

  Device version: PMAP

  Device type: Standard USB device-USB2.0 how to recover deleted video from usb high speed

  Chip manufacturer: phison (Phison)

  Product manufacturer: Lenovo

  Do you see it? We how to recover deleted videos from usb need to find the mass production tool of Phison (chip manufacturer) UP10 (chip model) for mass production, how to recover deletedfiles from hard drive and it can be repaired. You can do this for other external drives.

  external hard drive can't how to recover documents from hard drive be opened 1

  After the external hard drive is inserted into the computer, the removable disk can how to recover documents from my usb be seen in My Computer. Double-click the prompt "The file has no program associated with it to perform how to recover documents from usb drive operations. Please create an association in the folder option of the control panel." If you right- how to recover documents on hard drive click to open it, the disk is Empty, all files are not displayed, what can I do to use the external how to recover erased external hard drive hard drive normally, thank you!

  The external drive is poisoned. It is recommended that you first how to recover erased files from usb anti-virus and delete autorun in the root directory of the external drive.After the inf file, try to how to recover erased hard drive mac open it again. If there is still a problem, it means that the disk opening association is broken. You how to recover erased imac hard drive can copy the following code and save it as open.vbs, double-click to run, if the anti-virus software how to recover erased mac hard drive pops up a warning, ignore it.

  Set WshShell=WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")


  WshShell.RegWrite how to recover external drives on mac p1, p2


  WshShell.RegWrite how to recover external hard disk failure p1, p2

  X=WshShell.Run("REGSVR32 /I /S SHELL32.DLL",4,True)

  Set WshShell=Nothing

  MyBox=MsgBox("Folders how to recover external hard disk partition will now Open when double clicked", 4096, "Finished!")

  The file can't be displayed how to recover external hard disk password because the system hidden attribute is added, you enter the folder option, remove the hook to hide how to recover external hard drive corrupted the protected operating system files and display all files, you should be able to see the hidden how to recover external hard drive mac files.To remove the hidden attribute, enter the following command in the start menu and run to release: how to recover external hard drive partition attrib -s -h -r X:* /s /d where X refers to the drive letter of the external drive .

  external hard how to recover external hard drive password drive can't be opened 2

  Double-click the external hard drive or right-click-Explorer will appear how to recover external hard drive seagate such a prompt can not be opened, what is the reason?Which master can help, there are very important how to recover external harddrive pass word things in it.If you must format, is there a way to reply to the data?Solve the problem absolutely how to recover failed external hard drive plus points!Thank you all!

  1. Plug the external drive into other computers (try a few more), if it how to recover failed hard drive mac still happens, see 2.

  2. Your external drive has been poisoned or the chip is damaged.Look at 3 for how to recover failed seagate hard drive poisoning, look at 4 for damage.

  3. Right-click on the external hard drive to check for viruses. how to recover file system on usb If it doesn't work, you can format it, if it can be opened normally after formatting.The files inside how to recover files after formatting usb can be retrieved with EASYRECOVERY software, and the simplified Chinese version is available for how to recover files broken hard drive download on the Internet.(Note: Do not copy data to the external hard drive before restoring, otherwise how to recover files crashed hard drive it will cause some files to be unable to be retrieved)

  4. Find a professional data recovery how to recover files external hard drive company to try, if you think the price is too high, see 5.

  5. Within the warranty period, find a new how to recover files from broken usb one from the manufacturer, and then complain; out of the warranty period, throw it on the ground and how to recover files from dead harddrive smash it crazily and let it vent.(Note: Pay attention to environmental protection and throw the how to recover files from encrypted usb debris into the trash can.)

  Finally, I forgot to say that you can disassemble the external hard drive how to recover files from esd usb before venting, and see if there is any open soldering in it. If there is, soldering with a soldering how to recover files from formatted usb iron should be able to solve the problem.I had a external drive that was repaired like this!hehe. how to recover files from hard drive

  The above can be referred to.