Huirong SM3268AB external hard drive mass production repair and cdrom success tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

18 2021-08-17 20:00

  There are many brands of Huirong SM3268AB's main control external drive. For example, this PNY windows usb recovery bad system config startup external drive is 64G. It is detected by the chip to be SM3268AB. It may be tested by the new version windows vista password recovery free download usb of 3269. This is displayed in the mass production tool. Whichever is the case, the following is a windows vista password recovery tool usb free summary of experience and teach you how to mass-produce cdrom boot disks, or repair external hard windows vista recover settings from external drive drives.

  1. Insert the external hard drive, sm3268ab opens the mass production tool, and the mass production windows vista recovery cd auf usb stick tool selects V2.5.69 v2 external hard drive mass production tool Prescan R1229, and then click windows vista recovery disk download to usb satart to recognize your external hard drive, you can see that the main control is SM3268ab

  2. Then windows vista recovery download free for usb drag to the right, remember the flash memory number here, as shown in the figure below, you can windows vista recovery options hard drive driver click this flash to confirm whether the flash memory is correct

  3. Then click setting to enter the windows vista recovery usb from safe mode setting interface, the password is 320, and then the following settings are very important, everyone windows vista recovery von usb stick booten try to compare

  1. Serial number: choose NO Update Serial (no need to update the serial), just use windows wont boot system recovery or usb the original serial.

  2. Force DDR: Check it, it will slow down if you don't check it.

  3. Pretest: windows xp administrator password recovery usb boot Choose Erase All Block + 55 AA, otherwise it will be red.

  4. Write CID DBF Method: Write CID DBF windows xp automated system recovery disk usb security method, select SM3268AB.

  5. Flash memory model: choose the corresponding flash memory windows xp password recovery tool usb boot model, mine is Hynix H25QFT8A1A8R.

  6. Download ISP: Download ISP to check, Select ISP: select ISP windows xp password recovery tool usb free without checking, let it be selected automatically.

  7. Make Auto Run: Just select the location of windows xp recovery console access usb drive your ISO to run automatically. This is to make a cdrom boot disk. If you just repair the external hard windows xp service pack 3 recovery usb drive, don't check the make auto option.

  8. Format: To select NTFS, if FAT32 is selected, it can' won boot from usb windows error recovery t be formatted in Windows.

  Then click to start mass production and wait for success. Finally, I wset upa windows 8 recovery bootable usb remind everyone that this mass production tool will take a long time to succeed. For example, it will wyred 4 sound recovery usb reclocker review take 3 hours for 64G. Please be patient. I wish you all success in mass production.