Homemade usb30external hard driveYincan IS902 Chip Welding and Mass Production Tutorial of Making external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

38 2021-08-17 19:50

  Go directly to the topic. First, you need to buy materials. First select the main control PCB. Then how to recover data from wd internal hard drive don't rush to buy flash. You should check the support list of the main control chip.Many people how to recover data from windows xp hard drive hope that the external drives they make are very fast, but they don't know how to match them due to the how to recover data from xbox 360 hard drive limited conditions. I have made a few external drives recently, which is a summary of some how to recover data from your external hard drive experience.

  external hard drive speed influence: 1. flash chip; 2. main control chip; 3. mass production how to recover data off a bad hard drive tool; 4. PCB quality;

  The most influential is the flash chip. Everyone knows that the 3252BB of the how to recover data off a broken hard drive big S is equipped with Samsung's flash, but Samsung's flash is too expensive. If you use other how to recover data off a dead hard drive flashes, you will be told that the results may be very sad.!Mine is the combination of 3252BB plus intel how to recover data off a dead usb drive MLC, 13M/S writing, not as good as my original 2251 plus intel speed, U19 speed is also average, how to recover data off a failed hard drive so we need to continue to explore new combinations.The quality of the PCB is also very important. The how to recover data off a hard drive diagnostic quality of the barrel crystal is better than that of the patch. Look at the quality of the 3252BB how to recover data off a old laptop harddrive of the big S. The quality is the lever to ensure the normal use of the long-term operation.I won't how to recover data off broken external hard drive talk about the mass production tools. You can try more after the external hard drive is ready. You will how to recover data off of a hard drive know which version of the tool to use as soon as the test results are compared.

  1. Tool preparation, how to recover data on a bad hard drive the picture above

  The picture shows some of the tools used

  2. The important soldering iron how to recover data on a broken hard drive needs attention

  Electric soldering iron is best to use internal heating type. Mine is the yellow how to recover data on a failed hard drive flower 905e, which is quite good. It is adjustable and constant temperature. The soldering temperature how to recover data on a seagate hard drive is 300 degrees.

  3. Put tin on the PCB board first, do not put too thick tin, otherwise the bumps how to recover data on dead external hard drive on the pad will affect the alignment work.I'm not an IS902 board, I'm just an example

  The flux is how to recover data on external hard drive mac a bit sticky, it can just play the role of fixing the flash, hehe

  4. Welding.No one took pictures how to recover data on hard drive that crashed for me, but no matter what, the dishes still need to be explored when welding. After the preparation how to recover data on my external hard drive is done, most of the work is completed.The soldering process is to first align the flash so that how to recover data on unrecognized internal hard drive the pins are aligned with the pads, which can be fixed with clips; then pull a strip of tin on the how to recover data on wd external hard disk pins to be soldered; then apply more flux; determine the direction of the PCB board tilt according to how to recover data on xbox 360 hard drive gravity (this is a matter of exploration ). Finally, stick some tin on the cutter head and pull on how to recover data that was deleted from usb the pins to complete the soldering process. Add enough flux to control the angle, and there will be how to recover data unallocated space on hard drive no tin left on the last pins.

  The picture above is the picture of one side of the pin soldered.

  5 how to recover data without usb debugging oneplus 5t . After soldering, you need to check carefully, especially if the main control chip is relatively how to recover date on a dead backuphard drive close, you must check, I have already smoked a board!

  6. Clean up the PCB and complete the how to recover datra from a dead hard drive soldering!