external hard drive mass production prompts that reading the chip number failed and the external hard drive is writeprotected what should I do [Win11 Solutions]

18 2021-08-17 19:40

  Device name: [E:]USB Mass Storage Device(Generic Flash Disk USB Device) external hard drive Home

  samsung recovery solution admin tool usb  PNP device ID: VID=058F PID=6387

  Device serial number: 5&&21E739F&&0&&1

  Device version: 8.07

   samsung recovery solution new hard drive Device type: Standard USB device-USB2.0 high speed

  Chip manufacturer: Alcor (Anguo)

  Chip model: samsung s6 usb recover mode debugging AU6983~AU6987

  Product manufacturer: Generic

  Product model: Flash Disk

  Generally, you can do samsung s6 usb recovery mode debugging this when you encounter this situation.

  Chip manufacturer: Alcor (Anguo)

  Chip model: AU6983~AU6987 san antonio hard drive data recovery

  First, do not plug in the external hard drive before opening the software

  Just click the above san diego hard drive recovery photos to find mass production tools.

  Run FC MpTool.exe, click to set after running, click to confirm if san jose hard drive data recovery the password is empty.Double click on the external hard drive information set point.

  Fill in the sandisk cruzer usb flash drive recovery confirmation of VID=058F PID=6387 in VID and PID,

  Open MpTool again.exe.Then plug in the hard drive sandisk dual usb drive recovery drive to recognize it.Then mass production.

  If it still doesn't work.You can try like this,

  Do not sandisk recover disk generator tool usb insert the external hard drive before opening the software.

  Open the software and double click on the sandisk ultra usb 3 0 recovery external hard drive information setting column.Fill in VID=058F PID=6387 .

  You can also run sandisk ultra usb dead 3.0 recovery LoadDriver.exe change these two items to VID=058F PID=6387 point installation.

  Get it right and plug sandisk ultra usb dead retrieve files in the external drive.Mass production requires software recognition.

  FC_MpTool_FC8308_FC8406_v.2.02 sandisk usb extreme flash drive recovery .00 This version is filled with you VID=058F PID=6387 .

  If you really can't tell which software.You sandisk usb flash drive data recovery can use the following two:

  external hard drive mass production prompts that reading the chip sandisk usb flash drive online recovery number failed, and the external hard drive is write-protected: