How to repair a lost boot partition of a external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-17 19:30

  How to repair a lost boot partition of a hard drive

  The hard disk boot partition is a sensitive windows 10 usb recovery tool if you have forgotten password area. Its security directly determines whether the hard disk can be used or not. It is a measure used windows 10 wont finish loading recovery onto usb drive why to boot the boot system. When the hard disk boot partition presents problems, it may cause data windows 2012 how to get to recovery console usb boot loss and affect The operation of some software, the more severe meeting will not be able to open the windows 7 recovery does not see hard drive in raid machine.So, how to repair the lost boot partition of the hard drive?The following editor will make a windows 7 repair and recovery disc for failing hard drive summary of the causes and essentials to deal with the problem of hard disk boot partition repair. USB windows 7 system image recovery can't see external hard drive home

  The reasons why the boot partition of the hard disk is lost:

  1.The salary modification windows 7 usb flash drive to create a recovery disc may have shattered the guidance measures department, and may have broken the activity partition guidance windows 8 8 1 installation dvd usb or recovery disk symbol.

  2.The boot partition of the hard disk caused by the virus is lost.

  3.The boot partition windows 8 or 8.1 installation dvd usb or recovery disk of the hard disk is lost due to the system setting problem. external hard drive Home

  4.Improper windows 8 will not boot from my usb recovery tool manipulation.If multiple operating systems are installed on the hard disk at the same time, the windows 8 won't let me select hard drive recovery process boot partition of the hard disk may be lost when uninstalling.

  Handling essentials:

  Essentials 1 windows 8.1 usb recovery drive to format a new harddrive : Check and kill the virus.

  Perform virus scanning and killing operations on the system in the DOS windows recovery backup keeps downgrading my hard drive to 32gb situation.Generally speaking, the normal operation of the computer can be restored after the virus windows recovery cd command prompt copy files to usb disk remaining in the boot area is destroyed. USB home

  Warm reminder: Before using the floppy disk to windows recovery disk difference usb 2 0 vs 3 0 boot the computer, the write protection of the floppy disk must be blocked, otherwise it may cause the windows recovery drive usb2 or usb 3 or doesn't matter virus to infect the floppy disk.

  Essentials 2: Use Pocket PE System Equipment to Repair the Lost windows server backup recovery wizard usb drive not showing up Boot Partition of Hard Disk.

  Preliminary preparation: external hard drive boot disk built with windows server sbs 2010 recover disk space on usb backup pocket PE construction equipment → insert the built boot disk into the USB interface of the computer windows.10 usb recovery when you didnt do it before crash host → boot → enter BIOS to configure the external hard drive as the first boot item → configuration wrote over a file on usb can it be recovered is completed → career and restart.

  Step1. After the preliminary preparations are completed, you xp crashed hard drive removed from computer file free recovery will enter the PE interface after booting. Here, the editor has selected "Start Pocket external hard xp overwritten hard drive removed from computer file free recovery drive Win2003PE Maintenance System", and everyone can also choose to enter the other column.As shown you need to recover deleted files from a hard drive in Figure 1: Home of external hard drive

  Step2. After the selection is completed, the screen when your hard drive does not have the windows recovery environment the same windows system is booted will be presented, as shown in Figure 2:

  Step3. After entering 1 disk data recovery software for failed hard drive the Win2003PE maintenance system, click Start → Measures → System Maintenance → Guided Repair, as 16g usb 64 bit recovery kit for hp notebook shown in Figure 3:

  Figure 3 Home of external hard drive

  Note: Although, we can also directly 16g usb windows 10 64 bit recovery kit boot double-click the "boot repair" option on the desktop with the left mouse button, as shown in Figure 4:

   16g usb windows 10 64 bit recovery kit cost Figure 4 Home of USB

  Step4. In the opened interface, select the drive letter of the boot partition 16g usb windows 10 64 bit recovery kit download that we want to repair, determine which drive the system is installed on, and then select the 16g usb windows 10 64 bit recovery kit hp corresponding drive letter. For example, the computer system of the editor is installed on the C drive, 16g usb windows 10 compact 64 bit recovery kit and select Shown: Home of external drive

  Step5. On the new interface presented, select the first 16g usb windows 10 s 64 bit recovery kit item "Start Repair", as shown in Figure 6: Home of external drive

  Step6. Then, the software will 16gb kingston usb 3 pendrive for windows recovery medi a automatically detect and repair, as shown in Figure 7: Home of external hard drive

  Step7. When the 2000 0142 hard drive error recover files interface shown in Figure 8 is displayed, it is said that the hard disk boot partition repair is a hard drive is showing up as recovery drive complete.! USB home

  How to repair the missing boot partition of the hard disk: