How to prevent data loss in Win11 system How to prevent data loss in Win11 system[Win11 Solutions]

37 2021-08-17 19:10

  We will inevitably have some errors in the process of using the computer hard disk. Once the error what is hard drive recovery partition occurs, data loss will occur. Although in the win10 system, the data can be retrieved through the what is hard drive recovery process repair tool, but this is too troublesome, so what about the win10 system? Prevent data loss?Today, I what is hard drive recovery software will share with you the operation method of win10 system to prevent data loss.

  If we combine the what is hp recovery hard drive hard disk used by the system and all the hard disks or mobile hard disks on hand, in Windows 8.1 or what is recovery hard disk drive under the Windows 10 environment to jointly form a "storage space" to protect the data, so that once what size usb for w10 recovery the hard disk fails, even if it is a physical failure, there is hope that the data will be restored. whats a windows ten recovery usb Even in a storage pool composed of multiple hard disks, if two of the hard disks fail, the storage what's on rufus usb recovery drive pool will automatically generate a recovery copy through the third device to ensure the safety of user when hard drive can recognized recovery data.

  How to prevent data loss:

  1. Right-click the Windows 10 start menu and select the "Control where to have hard drives recovered Panel" the picture shows:

  2. View the control panel options in the form of "small where to recover external hard drive icons", select the "Storage Space" option in the "All Control Panel Items" list, and enter the "Storage which usb is my recovery software Space" creation the picture shows:

  3. In the "Storage Space" creation window, click why create a windows recovery usb "Create New Pool and Storage Space".Tips: If you don't see the task link, please click "Change Settings" why is my usb called recovery to the picture shows:

  4. Select the drive you want to use to create the storage pool, and why make a usb recovery drive then click "Create Pool".Specify the drive name and drive letter, and then select a layout (see why usb recovery cannot uefi boot "Tips" for the specific meaning of the three layouts).Specify the storage space size and click "Create will a usb cloner recover dat a Storage Space".as the picture shows: