How to quickly open the program in the specified directory in the external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

23 2021-08-17 18:30

  In order to organize the files on the external hard drive reasonably, each tool can be classified windows 8 recovery tools download usb and stored in a different folder.Tools related to system organization and optimization are placed in windows 8 recovery tools usb download the "System Tools" folder; office-related software is placed in the "Office Software" file. But every windows 8 recovery usb doesn& 39 time you open the program inside, you have to click on the folder many times, which is more windows 8 recovery usb download asus trouble.Is there any good way to solve this problem.

  To start the program quickly, using a shortcut is windows 8 recovery usb download delete a good way.But the shortcut must specify the absolute path of the file. In fact, the situation of windows 8 recovery usb download free each computer is different. On one computer, the external hard drive is assigned as the G disk, and the windows 8 recovery usb download lenovo drive letter assigned on other computers may be the H disk.If you use a shortcut, once the drive windows 8 recovery usb download online letter changes, the absolute path will also change, and the shortcut will become invalid.In order to windows 8 recovery usb drive download avoid this kind of problem, we must find another way.There is a "start" command in the command line windows 8 recovery usb drive size to start the program. Using the start command in the batch file can solve this problem perfectly.As windows 8 recovery usb files download long as the corresponding batch file is created for each program in the root directory of the external windows 8 recovery usb image download hard drive, no matter which computer the external hard drive is on, double-click the batch file windows 8 recovery usb iso download to start the program.

  Tips: The absolute path refers to the complete path including the drive letter, windows 8 recovery usb not booting folder structure and file name, such as "D:QQQQ."exe" is the absolute path, it can accurately point windows 8 recovery usb not recognized to QQ on any occasion.exe file; and the relative path needs to be based on a reference object, windows 8 recovery usb not working without the reference object, the relative path becomes "blind".An important sign of a relative path windows 8 recovery usb windows 7 is that there is no drive letter. You can have an exact understanding of the concept of a relative windows 8 recovery usb won& 39 path through the following example.

  There is an "office software" folder in the root directory of windows 8 rt recovery usb download Xiao Zhang's external hard drive, which stores some green office software, AbiWord is one of them.To windows 8 system image recovery usb start it with a batch file, you should do this: open Notepad, enter the following content "start office windows 8 system recovery disk usb software AbiWord AbiWord.exe" (note that there is a space after Start, do not include a specific windows 8 system recovery for usb drive letter in the path), and then save the file.You need to pay attention when saving. Select "All windows 8 system recovery usb download files" in the "File type" drop-down menu of the save dialog box, and then enter "AbiWord" in the windows 8 usb flash drive recovery "File name" field.bat" as the file name, select the root directory of the external hard drive as the windows 8 usb recovery disk download save path, and then double-click AbiWord.bat file can start AbiWord.Use the same method to create a windows 8 usb recovery drive download batch file for each commonly used program, and your work will become easier.

  Why should the batch windows 8 usb recovery drive image file be stored in the root directory.One is to open the program more quickly, and the other is that windows 8 usb recovery iso download the batch file must be located at the same level as the "office software" folder.After executing the windows 8 usb recovery key download command "start office software AbiWordAbiWord.exe", the start command will first search for the "office windows 8 usb recovery not working software" directory in the directory where the batch file is located, and then search for the windows 8.1 32 bit recovery usb "AbiWord" directory in the "office software" directory, and keep searching like this until it finds windows 8.1 64 bit recovery usb "AbiWord".exe" and run it.If there is an error in any of the links, the program can't be started.

  Tip: windows 8.1 boot from usb recovery There is another advantage of using batch files: you can start multiple programs at once.For windows 8.1 boot usb stick recovery example, if you want to start QQ and Foxmail at the same time, you can enter two lines of commands in the windows 8.1 bootable recovery usb download batch file, one line to start QQ, and the other line to start Foxmail.