How to install the system when the optical drive is broken[Win11 Solutions]

15 2021-08-17 18:20

  The optical drive of the old laptop is broken, and the system has crashed now, but what should I data recovery from external drive cost do if I want to install the system.What to do if the computer hardware is damaged?How to detect bad data recovery from external drive expensive sectors on hard disk?How to detect memory?These problems can be solved by booting with external hard data recovery from external hard disk drive.So first of all, let's understand how to install the system with a external drive.

  It's not data recovery from external hard dive easy to use a external drive as a boot disk. First, see if the motherboard supports it and whether data recovery from external hardrives free the external drive supports it.If the external hard drive supports it, then you can try this simple data recovery from fried hard drive and universal method of making a boot disk with a external hard drive:

  The first step is that your data recovery from hard disk drive motherboard supports external drives, generally supported by motherboards above 815 (the ones that data recovery from hard drive buffalo are not supported will generally be supported by flashing the BIOS, but don't come to me if the flashing data recovery from hard drive failure is broken:)).Insert the external drive into the USB port to enable the motherboard to support data recovery from hard drive free USB.If you don't understand, set the BIOS to the default value, set the first boot to USB-HDD, save and data recovery from hard drive london restart.

  The second step is to import the boot information to make a boot disk (there are two data recovery from hard drive mac methods):

  1 (Recommended). Use a special formatting tool to format (usually use the external hard data recovery from hard drive mumbai drive boot disk creation tool to format it), select the boot disk option;

  2. After the flash disk is data recovery from hard drive platters inserted, use the CD boot disk or floppy disk to boot, enter DOS, enter each disk except the C disk data recovery from ide hard drive to see why the external hard drive is assigned with the drive letter and remember, because the data recovery from imac hard drive following is useful.Generally the smallest is it (because the external hard drive at this time is not data recovery from infected hard drive divided into the last disk, but a randomly assigned drive letter except for the C disk).Enter the drive data recovery from locked hard drive letter of the CD-ROM drive (you must enter it). If you can access the flash drive under DOS, use data recovery from macbook hard drive format x: /s or FORMAT X:/Q/S or SYS X: ( x stands for external hard drive drive letter) format data recovery from malware hard drive it.Generally format x: /s is the best and most stable. The external drive will be formatted into FAT format data recovery from nas hard drive and installed on the DOS system. You can use it to boot the system into DOS in the future.Now you data recovery from raw usb drive can boot, find a 98 boot disk, copy all the files in it, including hidden files, to the flash disk, data recovery from sata hard drive and overwrite the files with the same name.

  Find Autoexec.bat file, open it with Notepad, find the data recovery from scsi hard drive line at the beginning of Path, add the Rem command in front of Path, note that there is a space data recovery from seagate external drive after Rem.

  Find Setramd.bat file, open it with notepad, find the line of "a:findramd", remove "a:" data recovery from slave hard drive and change it to "findramd".save!Can add other tools

  You can also add some system maintenance tools, data recovery from uninitialized hard drive such as ghost, pqmagic8 dos version, smartdrv.exe, FORMAT, XCOPY and other tools.

  The third step, data recovery from usb drive free use external hard drive

  Just set the first boot in the BIOS setting to USB-HDD.Of course, first data recovery from usb stick free enable the motherboard to support USB.If you don't understand, set the BIOS to the default value and data recovery from usb thumb drive then set the first boot setting of the BIOS to USB-HDD.

  In this way, the boot disk made with data recovery from wiped hard drive external hard drive is complete.However, there are still some problems when booting from the external data recovery fromm broken usb drive drive. The storage medium of the external drive is different from that of the hard disk, so the reading data recovery hard drive bend oregon speed is much slower than that of the hard disk.If the quality of the external hard drive is poor, data recovery hard drive best buy the reading speed will be even slower.The external drive is an "input and output device" for the data recovery hard drive clicking noise computer. When your computer starts, it needs the assistance of various devices, so there is a sequence data recovery hard drive fayetteville ar to use that device, it must be queued, and there must be a program to set it up. Order, so there data recovery hard drive geek squard is the "BIOS" Basic Input Output System Basic Input Output System.Turn on the power and start the BIOS data recovery hard drive keeps disonnecting (prescribes the startup sequence of the external devices on the motherboard). Start the hardware data recovery hard drive lakewood co operating system loader according to the settings to reflect the effect!It can be seen from the above data recovery hard drive los angeles that if the external drive is specified as the first boot hardware in the BIOS, then it can do many data recovery hard drive mechanical failure things, including: installing the system, maintaining and repairing, etc.!The BIOS can recognize and data recovery hard drive near me accept: driver (ZIP) / floppy disk (FDD) / compact disk (CD-ROM) / and hard disk (HDD);

  If you data recovery hard drive new york want to use the external drive, you have to simulate the above related equipment, so there are multiple data recovery hard drive north brisbane startup modes now:

  1. USB-ZIP: After the drive mode is started, the drive letter of the external data recovery hard drive not initialized hard drive is A;

  2. USB-FDD: After the floppy drive mode is started, the drive letter of the data recovery hard drive not spinning external hard drive is A;

  3. USB-HDD: After the hard disk mode is started, the drive letter of the data recovery hard drive physical damage external hard drive is C; (note: this mode is easy to mess up when installing the system, because you data recovery hard drive platter swap are afraid that if you get confused, you will confuse the external hard drive and the C partition of data recovery hard drive services price the hard disk, but The current boot disk creation tool can fix the external hard drive letter to the data recovery hard drive vista c a external hard drive letter to solve this problem)

  4. USB-CD-ROM: After the CD-ROM mode is started, data recovery hard drive westfield nj the drive letter of the external hard drive is G, etc. The analog CD-ROM drive is of course the data recovery hard drive wont work best boot compatibility. The currently popular ZIP and HDD modes are simple and easy to use. As for data recovery hard drives south afric a FDD, it is early It has already withdrawn from the stage of history, and it is basically not used data recovery harddrive repair near me anymore.