How to import the songs from the external hard drive to the TV there is always a method that suits you[Win11 Solutions]

30 2021-08-17 18:00

  Most homes now use LCD TVs. LCD TVs come with USB ports. Sometimes we choose to copy the video to top deleted file recovery formatted hard drive a external drive, then plug the external drive into the TV, and use the TV to watch the external top reliable hard drive data recovery software drive. Video, TV screen is big, the effect of watching video is better than computer.So, can the songs toshiba 1tb external hard drive data recovery on the external drive be played on the TV.How should it be used?

  Method 1: Use "HDMI Audio toshiba does hard drive recovery delete files Splitter"

  HDMI audio splitter can separate the audio signal in HDMI, through optical fiber, coaxial and 3 toshiba encore 2 recovery from external usb .5 Stereo headphone output, support LPCM, DTS Digital, Dobly Digital (DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD) and other toshiba external drive files won't open recovery audio formats, support 5.1-channel separate output.

  Connection method: connect the HDMI of the toshiba external hard drive 500gb retrieve files high-definition player to the input of the splitter, connect the HDMI output of the splitter to the toshiba external hard drive bitlocker recovery key TV, and connect to your LG5.1 For home theater, you can use optical fiber or coaxial cable to connect toshiba external hard drive boot file recovery the output audio. If the home theater does not have optical fiber or coaxial interface, you can use toshiba external hard drive data recovery software headphone cable (3.5 Audio to lotus head cable) to connect.

  Method 2: Use "Format Factory"

  Download toshiba external usb 3.0 usb device recovery the video on the computer, the format of the video you download is generally rmvb or MP4, etc. toshiba hard drive recovery has been selected This format is generally not supported.So convert.Download "Format Factory" to convert the video to toshiba hard drive recovery process windows 7 "MPG" format

  Then copy it to the external hard drive, plug it into the TV and you can play it.

  If toshiba hard drive recovery process windows 8 the TV supports RMVB format playback, it can be converted to (RMVB) format.

  Insert the AV cable toshiba hard drive works but not recovering that comes with the EVD into the EVDAV interface

  Connect the AV cables on the EVD to the yellow.White.Red toshiba recovery disk to upgrade hard drive interface

  Insert the external hard drive/card reader into the interface of EVD BSB

  Turn toshiba recovery media creator doesn't recognize usb on the EVD, press the menu button on the remote control, there will be several modes on the TV for toshiba recovery media creator error using usb you to choose, the first one is the music mode, press the OK button on the remote control

  The music toshiba recovery media creator external hard drive is now playing on the TV

  Download aiqisoft Aiqi Video Electronic Album Making Software, run it toshiba recovery media creator format failed usb after installation, click add picture, select picture file, click open.

  Hover the mouse on the upper toshiba recovery media creator new hard drive left corner of the picture, click the pen icon, set picture effects and add text and other toshiba recovery media creator not recognizing usb functions.

  Click to add music, select a music file, click to open.

  Click the start production button in toshiba recovery media creator usb hard disk the lower right corner, set the file name and output directory, click start production, click OK.

   toshiba recovery media creator usb not working If the TV can't be played, it means that the TV does not support mp4 video, then set the output format toshiba recovery media creator windows 8 usb in step 4, select avi or dvd or vcd.

  Method 5: Play movies and music in the external hard drive toshiba recovery media on external hard drive mobile hard disk on the smart set-top box

  First switch the IPTV screen to the stylish version toshiba recovery usb disk remove write protection interface, the switching path is: Settings-more-page style-stylish version (if the interface is already toshiba satellite free windows 7 recovery usb in the stylish version, no need to switch).

  More settings interface:

  Page style switching toshiba satellite radius p55w b5220 recovery usb interface:

  After the switch is completed, enter the path on the IPTV TV: Home-Application-Media Center

toshiba satellite recovery usb download windows 8   Home page interface:

  Application interface:

  After entering the media center, use the up and toshiba satellite windows 10 64 recovery usb down keys of the remote control to move to the USB device column, you can search for the connected toshiba satellite windows 7 recovery usb free external hard drive or hard disk data, and find the relevant movie or music to play (support MP4, MPG, totally free hard drive recovery software mac AVI, MKV, TS, MOV, WMV, RMVB and other audio and video formats playback).

  Multimedia Center totally free photo recovery from external drive interface:

  You can move to the USB device interface by pressing the up and down keys:

  Click on the video transcend external hard disk data recovery software browse to find the movie files stored in the external hard drive:

  Through the above operations, transcend usb drive recovery software 3.0 1.5 you should be able to see the movies in the external drive and listen to the songs in the external transcend usb pen drive data recovery tool drive.

  Find the USB port on the back of the TV. It is the same as the port on our computer. Insert transfer hp recovery partition new hard drive the external drive. Don't plug it in the reverse direction or the wrong port.

  Use the remote control transfer recovery mac to portable hard drive to select the external hard drive on the TV, which is the USB in the picture

  Press the menu transfer windows 7 recovery disk to usb button on the remote control to enter the main menu, select multimedia, select music

  Use the remote trying to recover data from hard drive control to open the options, select the order, and turn on the random

  After playing one song, check turned external hard drive to recovery disk whether the TV can automatically switch to the next song. If not, go back to the setting options ubunti recovery mode cant find usb fdisk and reset it. Just try a few more times.

  The above are some introductions on how to play the songs ubuntu live cd hard drive data recovery in the external drive on the TV.You can try the above methods if you need to use TV to broadcast.