[Fixed] external hard drive has sound but does not display[Win11 Solutions]

15 2021-08-17 17:50

  When we were using the external drive, one of the weird problems encountered was that when the hard drive recovery rancho cordova c a external drive was plugged into the computer, the computer would make a ding-dong sound, but there was hard drive recovery salt lake city no display of the external drive in my computer. What is the reason.In fact, this kind of problem is hard drive recovery san antonio texas easier to solve.

  Method one, delete the device and add it automatically

  Open the control panel

hard drive recovery san antonio tx   Select viewing device and printer

  You can see many devices, including printers and mice. There hard drive recovery san diego c a is a removable disk icon in the device column below. Those that are not recognized are generally called hard drive recovery san jose c a MASS STORAGE devices.

  Right-click on the device icon, the pop-up menu selects delete device, and hard drive recovery san luis obispo then unplug the external hard drive and reinsert it.

  Then turn on my computer and see if the hard drive recovery service 60601 chicago external drive has been found.

  Method two, uninstall the driver

  Open the control panel, then open hard drive recovery service austin tx the device and printer;

  If the external drive is plugged into the computer, it will be displayed on hard drive recovery service bay are a it (it seems to be mass storage, or it may be other), then double-click the icon of the external hard drive recovery service best buy drive and click on the hardware;

  Generic flash disk usb and usb mass storage devices will appear, hard drive recovery service charlotte nc double-click one of them, check which one is unavailable, and click the driver

  Uninstall the unusable hard drive recovery service in m ones, then unplug the external drive and plug it in again, it will automatically install a new one, hard drive recovery service in miami and then you can use it.

  Method three, use to drive life

  Note that you must drive your life, hard drive recovery service iso cleanroom other software may not work, you plug in the external hard drive, then open the software, click Check hard drive recovery service las vegas Drive, it will automatically identify the problematic driver, you will find that your external hard hard drive recovery service los angeles drive drive is faulty, and then Click Repair, and then you can use the external hard drive.