How to fix the external hard drive is turned into a 1kb shortcut by a shortcut virus [Win11 Solutions]

36 2021-08-17 17:40

  Once graduated, external hard drive copying and printing of papers has become the norm, and public how to retrieve hidden files in usb printing computer viruses and Trojan horses are flooded, and they will be recruited if they are not how to retrieve lost files in usb careful. You've encountered despair, and it feels uncomfortable that all the papers are gone. Then how to retrieve lost files on usb all of them have become shortcuts. The papers are still there, can they be restored.Actually, I will how to retrieve missing files in usb give you an example below:

  A good school girl, before the Dragon Boat Festival, she suddenly called how to retrieve my files in usb me through WeChat and called me in a series, saying that there was something urgent to call me, I how to retrieve shortcut files in usb thought something important happened."It's over, it's over."!"I asked her to speak slowly, only to how to reverse external hard disk recovery realize that she was busy with graduation recently, and finally got through the graduation defense how to run hp recovery from usb successfully. After the last revision, the final draft of the graduation thesis was finally released. how to run recovery disk from usb

  I took the external drive with the whole family and went to the print shop on the backstreet of how to run recovery on hard drive the school to print. After the previous round of the USB port of the computer plugged and unplugged how to run recovery usb windows 10 by the classmates, it was finally her turn. As soon as I plugged it in, I opened the external drive how to run windows 10 recovery usb and found all the folders inside. It has become a shortcut, let alone open the graduation thesis, it how to run windows recovery from usb is instantly stunned!

  She has found the right person. After all, I am here. After some remote how to save usb recovery to folder guidance, she finally happily saw that her graduation thesis appeared on her external drive again.

  In how to set up a recovery usb fact, data recovery is too complicated, and typing commands is more difficult for the computer novice, how to setup usb recovery windows 7 so the following method is relatively simple.

  First of all, if you are unfortunate enough to how to setup windows 10 recovery usb encounter this situation, it means that your external drive is poisoned.The anti-virus steps can not how to transfer recovery disk to usb be saved. It is recommended that you use the anti-virus software you usually use to isolate and anti- how to undo a recovery drive usb virus the external hard drive first, or you can use a special tool to kill the external hard drive.The how to undo recovery usb flash drive next step of rescue can only be carried out after the virus has been disinfected.

  1. Create a how to use a recovery drive usb new notepad in the external hard drive and write such a small line of code:

  attrib -r -a -s -h *.* how to use a recovery usb drive /s /d

  2. Save as "Delete Shortcut.bat".

  3. Then double-click the batch file, you can see the how to use a recovery usb mac original file.

  Keep it simple, this is the simplest and most practical way at present, so don't panic how to use a system recovery usb when you encounter this difficult problem. Use the above method to solve it first, and generally how to use a usb recover drive your files will be back.