[Fixed] wifi wireless signal cannot be searched by the laptop or External phone[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-17 17:20

  Sometimes the mobile phone or computer suddenly fails to search for the wifi signal, and it directly recover files from unformatted hard drive displays the problem of unavailable connection, etc.?If you have encountered it too, don't worry, recover files from uninitialized hard drive it's probably just a system problem, and there is no problem with your mobile phone or computer. recover files from unknown usb device Here is a detailed introduction to the cause and solution of the problem.

  The first thing to do is recover files from unreadable hard drive to consider whether it is a wireless network card driver problem, so what we have to do is to open the recover files from unreadable usb drive device manager and find your network adapter-wifi network card. If your network card shows an recover files from usb after format exclamation mark, it means that the network card driver has a problem. You need to reinstall the wireless recover files from usb drive free network card driver, you can use the driver and other software to install, if there is no exclamation recover files from usb drive freeware mark, it is recommended to restart the driver to try, the specific operation is-right-click recover files from usb drive linux properties-driver, then click disable, then click enable.

  If there is no problem with the driver, the recover files from usb drive mac driver of your computer's wireless network card is normal.When the drive is normal, we can see items recover files from usb drive online like "wireless connection" in the network connection interface.

  (The phenomenon that no wireless recover files from usb drive raw signal can be searched)

  Possible cause 1: [windows wireless configuration service is closed] if the recover files from usb drive reddit driver is ok

  In XP, the wireless configuration service name is "wireless zero configuration", and recover files from usb flash drive in windows 7 the name is "WLAN AutoConfig".Check if this service is started.Methods as below:

  Enter recover files from usb hard drive services while running.msc, press Enter, open the service console, find the service item, see if recover files from usb key mac its status is "started", otherwise start it.

  Possible reason 2: [Wireless switch is turned off]

  recover files from usb mac free  This, for many notebooks, simple and simple, complex and complex.Some laptop switches are more recover files from usb on mac obvious, it is a hard switch, and some are on the side of the laptop or above the keyboard, which can be recover files from usb pen drive toggled left and right to switch.Some laptops are above the keyboard, which is a button that can be recover files from usb stick free pressed, or even a touch button.

  What makes people crazy is that some notebooks use keyboard recover files from usb stick freeware function keys to control, for example, you need to press Fn+F8 to turn on or off the wireless function.If recover files from usb stick linux the drive is normal to nothing, but the function keys on the notebook are not standard keys on the recover files from usb stick mac keyboard, and need to be driven by the manufacturer's hotkeys for normal operation, otherwise there recover files from usb thumb drive will be no response after we press the function keys.

  If the hotkey driver is not installed, it recover files from usb using cmd is recommended to download from the official website, such as the download interface of Lenovo below. recover files from usb windows 10

  There are even switches in the BIOS settings. For example, the wireless LAN radio of Thinkpad in recover files from windows 7 usb the figure below needs to be set to on (some people don't know how to do it, this is off, Baoyun recover files from wiped hard drive encountered a lot).

  Possible cause 3: [Wireless channel problem]

  This usually happens on individual recover files hard drive macquarie park "parallel import" machines and old notebooks.The reason is that each country has.The permissible recover files in buffalo external drive range of 4GHz wifi channels is different, from 1 to 11 channels in the United States, 1 to 13 channels recover files moved from hard drive in Europe and China, and 1 to 14 channels in Japan.If you unfortunately encounter that the router recover files moved to external drive automatically selects the channel 12 or later, and the notebook network card only supports channel 11 recover files off bad hard drive , then your notebook will not be able to search for this signal anyway.However, this phenomenon is recover files off corrupted hard drive different from the above. At least there are other signals in the wireless signal list, but you can't recover files off dead hard drive see your own signal.And except this computer can't search, other can be searched.The solution is to recover files off external hard drive set the channel in the router to be fixed to one of 1, 6, and 11 (recommend these channels that will recover files off faulty hard drive not interfere).

  If all the above situations are solved, the problem of not being able to find the recover files off formatted hard drive wifi will be solved.