The worlds smallest Apacer AH152 30external hard drive Performance Test[Win11 Solutions]

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  The word "mobile" has inadvertently become a word that everyone often talks about in their work and windows 7 recovery disc image usb life, after eating and drinking.And with the development of mobile communications and mobile internet, windows 7 recovery disc iso usb mobile storage in the thumb era can also be carried forward.As a portable device, mobile storage windows 7 recovery disc to usb products are required to be light and durable, so one minute less thickness, one gram weight, and windows 7 recovery disc usb download one second transmission can significantly improve the user experience. USB home

  As an old brand in windows 7 recovery disc usb reddit the storage field, Apacer has made great efforts in the field of mobile external drives.Not long windows 7 recovery disk iso usb ago, I also just released an AH152 mobile external drive.Its characteristic is the pursuit of the windows 7 recovery disk usb create pinnacle of minimalism and speed philosophy.Apacer AH152 adopts a dazzling full-body metal texture design windows 7 recovery disk usb creator and presents high-end boutique style. It is definitely the perfect partner for UltraBook.!.This windows 7 recovery disk usb download time Apacer breaks through the technological limitations and leads the world in launching the ultra-mini windows 7 recovery disk usb drive USB3 built with COB integrated forming technology.0 flash drive—AH152, the fastest among mini flash windows 7 recovery disk usb iso drives, USB 3.0The two smallest undefeated legends in the flash drive. USB home

  Apacer AH152 windows 7 recovery disk usb legal USB3.0 external drive positive USB home

  Apacer AH152 USB3.0 The home of the external drive on the windows 7 recovery disk usb size back

  Apacer AH152 is the world's first USB3 with COB integrated molding technology.0 external drive, windows 7 recovery disk usb stick in ultra-compact 2.9 x 1.65 x 0.The 8 cm limit volume shows Apacer's superb R&D capabilities, which windows 7 recovery disk usb tool not only reduces the volume to the limit, but also has the functions of waterproof, dustproof and windows 7 recovery disk using usb shockproof.

  Apacer AH152 USB3.0 external hard drive Close-up external hard drive Home

  As the windows 7 recovery disk with usb world's smallest USB 3.0 flash drives, AH152's transmission power is the highest among mini USB products, windows 7 recovery download to usb with a transmission speed of 80MB per second, with a large capacity of 16GB, 32GB, playing ultra- windows 7 recovery dvd to usb high-quality movies easily and smoothly, with ease, and large-capacity file transfers instantly.In windows 7 recovery file via usb addition, AH152 provides plug-and-play function and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 transmission windows 7 recovery image download usb interface is definitely a weapon for young people.

  ● Low-level test: HD Tune Pro v4.60

  HD Tune windows 7 recovery image on usb is a hard disk performance diagnostic test tool.It can detect the transfer rate of the hard disk, windows 7 recovery iso usb download burst data transfer rate, data access time, CPU usage, health status, temperature and scan the surface windows 7 recovery on usb drive of the disk, etc.In addition, it can also detect the hard disk's firmware version, serial number, windows 7 recovery tool usb download capacity, cache size, and current transfer mode in detail.

  Single-task HD Tune reading ability windows 7 recovery usb boot disk test

  In the HD Tune test, Apacer AH152 USB3.0 The external drive reaches the nominal 80MB/S read windows 7 recovery usb command prompt capacity, and the speed is close to 90MB/S, which is comparable to today's desktop hard drives.In addition, windows 7 recovery usb download free from the reading curve, it is relatively stable, which also highlights the stability of the windows 7 recovery usb download iso product.

  ● ATTO Disk Benchmark queue depth test

  ATTO Disk Benchmark is an excellent and free disk windows 7 recovery usb download reddit benchmark test software that supports read and write tests for stability/bursty transfer rates, and windows 7 recovery usb download tool is suitable for the read and write performance of conventional hard drives, RAID, external drives, windows 7 recovery usb drive download removable memory cards and other products test. external hard drive Home

  ATTO multi-task reading and windows 7 recovery usb flash drive writing test

  The HD Tune just tested mainly reflects the Apacer AH152 USB3.0 The ability of the windows 7 recovery usb from ubuntu external drive in single-task mode, while ATT0 reflects the performance of the external drive in windows 7 recovery usb image download dealing with multi-tasking capabilities.As shown in the figure above, the queue depth is 4, at this time windows 7 recovery usb iso download the maximum read reaches 92MB/S, and the maximum write reaches 23MB/S. USB home

  ● Application windows 7 recovery usb not working performance test: Home of FastCopy external hard drive

  FastCopy is a compact file/directory copy tool windows 7 recovery usb stick download with powerful functions and superior performance. It can fully tap the capabilities of file systems windows 7 recovery usb stick erstellen and hard drives, and supports counting and timing.The one used here contains 1 video file with a windows 7 recovery usb without disc total capacity of 283.The 6MB high-definition video clip can reflect Apacer AH152 USB3.0 The external windows 7 recovery usb without password drive is coping with the actual copying capacity of a large-capacity single file; another folder is windows 7 recovery usbdownload lenovo u300 composed of scattered folders containing 100 MP3 files, with a total capacity of 306.7MB, used to windows 7 recovery using usb drive reflect Apacer AH152 USB3.0external drive can cope with the copying ability of scattered files. USB windows 7 starter create recovery usb home

  Home of actual file copy test external hard drive

  Through the test, we found that when copying windows 7 starter password recovery usb large-capacity video files, the actual performance is very close to the theoretical performance. windows 7 starter recovery disk usb The transmission speed exceeds 20MB/S, and it only takes about 10 seconds to copy 300MB/S files. The windows 7 starter recovery usb download speed is still very gratifying.However, it is a bit difficult to deal with batches of scattered windows 7 starter recovery usb erstellen files, and the speed reaches 10MB/S.However, in daily applications, such a batch of small files is windows 7 starter recovery usb stick actually not common, so in a large application environment, Apacer AH152 USB3.0 USB drive performance is windows 7 system image recovery usb still pleasing.The only downside is in USB3.Writing speed at 0 is still too slow. external hard drive windows 7 system recovery boot usb Home

  The world's smallest Apacer AH152 3.0 USB drive performance test: