SSD solid state external hard drive Huirong mass production repair tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

21 2021-08-17 15:50

  Although there are many types of SSDs for solid-state hard drives, most of them can be repaired usb flash drive data recovery software download with mass production tools like external drives. Here is an example of repairing SSDs from Huirong's usb flash drive data recovery software license master. Its master SM2244G AB has been doing it all the time. The system disk is used for win7 system. usb flash drive data recovery software mac I suddenly reported an error and restarted two days ago, and then I tried to redo the system with usb flash drive data recovery software serial the win LOGO. I found that the ssd could not be formatted, partitioned, and the data in it could not usb flash drive data recovery v7 0 be deleted.In the end, I couldn't find a way to fix it. First, I needed to buy a mobile hard disk usb flash drive file recovery free download box. After I connected it, the energy production was successful. My LONGSYS 64G M6 solid-state hard usb flash drive files recovery free download disk green disk was fully resurrected, which is not easy.(Download and use the mass production tool: usb flash drive not formatted error recovery SM2244/SM2250 master solid state drive mass production tool MPTool_L0409A)

  LONGSYS 64G M6 solid usb flash drive not working recover dat a state drive internal structure

  The full picture of the LONGSYS 64G M6 solid state drive after usb flash drive online recovery a dat a disassembly

  Back to the point, first disassemble the SSD hard drive, LONGSYS 64G M6 is easy to disassemble, usb flash drive online recovery adata download only four screws, after removing it, you can see the real body of the M6.Disassembling the LONGSYS usb flash drive online recovery free download 64G M6 solid state hard drive, it was unexpected that my own used Samsung's original K9HDGD8U5M, usb flash drive recovery 32 gb only the main control was SM2244G AB, and the adapter (connected to the Biaowang SSK HE-V300 mobile hard usb flash drive recovery mac os x disk box) was mass-produced. The tool does not recognize, Du Niang knows to short circuit.I searched usb flash drive recovery software 3.0 1 the PCB and only saw a row of 8 contacts on the side. Intuitively, the short contacts should be usb flash drive recovery software free download there, so I started to try it right away.The 8 contacts are in the order of 1-5, 2-6, 3-7, 4-8. The usb flash drive recovery tool for ubuntu jumpers on the motherboard are generally in this order.When the test reached 2-6, the tool recognized usb flash drive recovery tool free download the SSD, and the mass production was successful by directly opening the card.

  Short-circuit the 2nd usb flash drive repair software download free and 6th pins to enter the factory mode and prepare for mass production

  SMI Mass Production Tool

  usb flash drive repair tool windows 10  Key points of use of SMI Mass Production Tool:

  1.Scanning SSD hard disk (Scan Drive) does not usb flash drive use as recovery disk recognize the hard disk, it is necessary to check the NOT SMI Tester

  2.The production hard disk usb format data recovery software free download information needs to be set (Parameter). When setting the hard disk parameter (Edit Config), you need to usb hard disk recovery software free download enter the mass production tool password, the password is 320.Otherwise, the parameter information of usb hard drive data recovery software free the mass-produced SSD hard disk can't be modified

  3.In the setting Parameter, the hard disk mode usb hard drive recovery in safe mode (Disk Type) must be SSD, otherwise the speed and life of the hard disk will be affected

  4.Also in usb hard drive recovery software free download the Parameter setting, be sure to check "Download ISP", otherwise mass production will not be easy usb hard drive windows recovery not recognized to succeed

  5.For other Parameter settings, it is best to operate as shown in the figure below

  Summary: usb hidden data recovery software free download Hui Rong's chips still have a lot of solid state drives, and because there are many mass usb hidden files recovery software free download production tools, they are not afraid that they will not be repaired. Friends who have not bought an SSD usb loader gx recover parental controls password can also consider buying Hui Rong's chips in advance. In addition, as long as you are Hui Rong's SSD usb memory card recovery software free download can refer to this article. Of course, other masters are not applicable, but the common point is that usb memory stick data recovery free download they must be short-circuited to the factory mode to be repaired. Different masters have corresponding usb memory stick repair for data recovery mass production tools.