How to install the iso file[Win11 Solutions]

22 2021-08-17 13:20

  ISO files are also common CD images in the past, and CDs are rarely used now, especially the previous chromebook create recovery usb how long system CDs are burned in iso, and some promotional files are in iso format, but now we generally chromebook does not recognize recovery usb use external hard drive to install System, regular iso files can also be directly decompressed and chromebook goes black with recovery usb used.And iso is not at the end of exe and can't be installed directly into the computer, so we need chromebook not working after recovery usb to use tools to install. For example, some official motherboard driver packages are in iso format. chromebook recovery media for usb stick If you can't install the driver directly into the computer, you can't use it. Different iso file chromebook recovery not writing to usb situations teach you how to install iso.

  One, iso system mirroring

  This kind of file is generally the chromebook recovery usb creator with windows official system installation image, and it is all systems, such as win7 system, win10 system, and chromebook recovery utility windows 10 usb many downloads from the Internet are all images in iso format.

  When encountering these systems, we chromebook recovery with usb to ethernet use it to install the system in the external hard drive, so you need to prepare a external hard chromebook says insert recovery usb stick drive, and then use the following tools.

  1. Use ultraiso to put iso into a external hard drive into a chromebook usb boot to recover files boot disk

  After the software is opened, click the menu [boot CD] ---- write hard disk image

  After cisco ise 2.2 password recovery usb opening the ISO, select the bootable CD, and then select to write the hard disk image;

  Select cisco nexus kickstart recovery with usb the hard drive (that is, your USB drive letter);

  Click [Format], format the external hard drive

  After clean room hard drive recovery cost clicking the format, wait for the completion and the production is successful, and then you can clicking external hard drive data recovery set the external drive in the computer bios as the first boot. After booting from the external drive, clicking hard drive data recovery cost you can start to install the system.

  2. If your iso image is a system that can't be installed clicking hard drive data recovery software directly, then you need to use winpe.

  You can refer to this site's tutorial on how to start a external clicking hard drive repair data recovery drive with a USB boot disk creation tool. Insert the successfully created external drive into the clicking laptop hard drive data recovery USB port of the computer, restart the computer and enter winpe. Generally, choose win8pe or win10pe. clicking sound hard drive data recovery As for the boot disk creation tool, it doesn't matter that Home.

  After entering the winPE system clicking sound in hard drive recovery desktop, you need to find the prepared original WIN7 image file, and then right-click the image clicking sound on hard drive recovery file to load it as a virtual CD-ROM drive.

  What we need to pay attention to is that when the virtual clone hard drive with recovery partition disk is loaded, it is F, and click the OK option.

  When we load the win7 image file successfully, clone internal hard drive bay recovery we will see an icon similar to a CD-ROM drive.

  We click to open the virtual CD-ROM drive and find clone mac hard drive recovery partition "setup.exe", then double-click to run it.

  Then we run setup.exe, you will see the win7 installation clone macbook hard drive in recovery interface.

  We click on the "Start Installation" option, and then install the win7 system.

  We clone recovery partition to usb mac just check "I accept the license terms" and click the "Next" option.

  In the prompt window, we choose clone sierra recovery drive to usb "Custom" to install.

  At this time, you have to choose the system installation path.

  We only cloning hard drive with recovery partition need to enter the computer name, we just write any one.Just click the "Next" option.

  Enter the key closest hard drive recovery to me we prepared in advance, and click "Next" again .Then wait for the installation to succeed.

  3. If the cnet best hard drive recovery software system in the iso file is GHO version

  Then we have to decompress the iso file with winrar, like combate s le recovery via usb the following, and then use Onekey ghost to install the gho system, if the system can start, install command partition recovery bootable usb free it on the desktop, if the original system is broken, you need to use ghost software under winpe To command prompt windows 10 recovery usb install, similar to the tutorial in 2 above, but you need to find the ghost backup and restore software command to recover files from usb that comes with winpe. The following is a tutorial when the system can still be used.

  1. command to retrieve files from usb Right-click the iso file and use WinRAR to decompress it to a partition other than the designated C drive, comment creer usb recovery windows 10 such as E drive;

  2. Double-click "Install System.exe" or "setup.exe", open Onekey ghost, choose companies that recover dead hard drives to install it on the C drive, and then click OK;

  3. A prompt box will pop up, reminding that the C company recover crashed hard drive dat a drive data will be deleted, click Yes to restart immediately;

  4. Enter this interface to perform compaq presario cq61 bios recovery usb system restore operation;

  5. After the restoration is complete, restart to enter this interface and compaq presario recovery usb free download start to install the system;

  6. The installation process is automatically completed, boot into compaq recovery disk new hard drive the win7 system desktop, the installation is complete.

  2. ISO is a normal CD file or other non-system compare cheapest hard drive data recovery file

  The files in this iso file are generally exe programs, or some video files, or other completely free external hard drive recover non-system files. At this time, we don't need to install the system. We only need to extract the files completely free hard drive recovery software inside. At this time, we can use decompression software. Direct extraction.

  Commonly used decompressors computer forensics hard drive recovery journal such as winrar and good compression.

  Enter the installation directory of winrar, open winrar.EXE

  If computer hard drive crash data recovery you don't know the directory where you installed winrar, then feel free to open one .rar files computer hard drive recovery flash drive are also available.

  After opening, select "Options"-"Settings" in the menu bar of the winrar computer hard drive recovery near me main interface

  Then select the "Comprehensive" tab

  Check the "iso" checkbox, and then click the computer hard drive recovery omaha ne "OK" button to close the window

  Let's go back to the iso system file that could not be opened just computer hard drive recovery pittsburgh p a now, and found that the winrar icon has been associated, and it can be opened by double-clicking it, connection failed limited by usb key and it can also be decompressed and extracted files separately.

  At this time, you can directly contents of windows 10 recovery usb extract any file in the iso, and then you can use it like a regular file.