[Fixed] external hard drive is unaccessible [Win11 Solutions]

94 2021-08-17 13:10

  In the process of using the external hard drive or mobile hard disk, do you have a bad operating how to recover my hard drives habit like me, knowing that it is not good, but you rarely remember to "safely remove the hardware" how to recover my usb files every time you use it, and leave at will.Finally something went wrong, I copied the data to mm that how to recover my usb space day, unplugged it and plugged it into my computer, opened the Explorer, and double-clicked the drive how to recover old external drive letter of the external drive, unexpectedly popped up the following prompt "can't access F:\, file or how to recover old usb files directory is damaged And can't be read" prompt, *)&……%##@#¥¥¥&(!@

  Can't open, what should I do?There how to recover overwritten hard drive are still a lot of important information in it. If the external hard drive is broken, it is not how to recover partition on hardrive worth the money. It is very troublesome if the information inside is lost. You can't keep messing up how to recover pc hard drive like this, you have to find a way.

  Here is how to solve this situation

  First check the hardware how to recover pc with usb properties of the external drive to determine whether the fault is caused by the hardware problem how to recover portable hard drive of the external drive itself. After inserting the external drive, right-click the desktop "My Computer" how to recover raid hard drive (win7 is "Computer"), select "Manage", and open "Computer Management Dialog", select "Disk how to recover raw hard drive Management", select the external drive on the right side, the system displays "Good Status" indicating that how to recover raw usb drive there is no problem with the hardware, so the possibility of repairing the fault increases.

  Baidu how to recover sandisk usb drive search winhex, download the software, the software is a external hard drive backup software, backup how to recover sata hard drive before repairing, so as to avoid accidents

  Unzip and run the software directly. In the program how to recover seagate external drive interface, select "Tools→Open Disk" to open the "Edit Disk" dialog box, select the external drive under how to recover seagate hard drive "Physical Drive", and click "OK" to complete the editing operation of the external drive.

  Click how to recover ssd hard drive "File → Create Disk Image" to open the "Create Disk Image" dialog box, select the "winhex backup how to recover stuff from usb file" radio button under "Image File Format", and select the backup path and file under "Path and File how to recover toshiba hard drive Name" Name, follow the prompts and confirm to complete the backup to the external hard drive.

  After how to recover ubuntu from usb the above steps are completed, you can repair the external drive, press the win+R key combination how to recover unallocated hard drive to open the "Run" dialog box, and enter cmd (after entering cmd in the win7 system, select "Run as how to recover unbootable hard drive administrator" in the pop-up options ), press Enter to enter the command prompt window, enter chddsk how to recover uninitialized hard drive g:/r (G represents the corresponding USB drive letter, please choose according to the actual situation), how to recover usb 0 bytes press Enter, follow the prompts, and after the repair is completed, double-click the USB drive how to recover usb boot ubuntu The icon can be opened normally and the repair is complete.

  PS: In order to prolong the life of how to recover usb data howtogeek the external drive and prevent data loss, it is best to follow the "safely delete hardware" required how to recover usb deleted dat a by the system, so as to protect your external drive and data as much as possible.

  What to do if the how to recover usb device manager external hard drive is "unaccessible"?: