How to recover files (just been deleted) from a USB flash drive

390 2021-08-31 12:08

USB flash drive is a small storage device that also has a lot of memory, so it is also loved by people and computer users often use it to save files. Over time the files on the USB flash drive become more and more, and we may delete useful files when we clean up the storage space. This is a good way to get back to your computer. Now look at it with me.

Users with this type of problem do not need to take the problem too seriously. After the loss or deletion of files from any storage device, the computer will put a "deleted" mark on the deleted file, and the storage space occupied by the file will become available from then on. The file data will not disappear directly from the disk, as long as there are no new files deposited in the USB drive and the deleted files have not been overwritten, then a software called Data Frog Data Recovery Expert will be able to solve the problem of how to retrieve deleted things from USB drives. Next we will look at how to use this software to easily solve the problem of USB flash drive restoration.


Download Data Frog Data Recovery Expert for free. Data Frog Data Recovery Expert is a genuine software, download and install it before you can use it.



In the main interface of the software, select the USB flash drive where the data was mistakenly deleted, select the file type of the deleted files, or select all of them with one click, and click [Scan]. The function of scanning files is applicable to a variety of formats, whether it is pictures, audio, documents or videos, they can all be scanned.


After you get the scan result, find the file based on the preview information. Change the preview style or put the mouse over the file to see the file preview information, we can easily find the deleted files by mistake. Once you find the files, check them in order and click [Recover].


Select the file recovery location in the pop-up window. Here, we remind you not to save the files directly in the USB drive, otherwise there is a risk of recovery failure. After customizing the file saving location, click [Confirm] and the files will be recovered successfully soon.

How to restore something deleted from USB flash drive? This is actually a very simple operation. If you are a computer whiz, it is very easy to use Data Frog Data Recovery Expert for USB flash drive recovery. Even if we don't know anything about computers, we can still use Data Recovery Expert normally. In this way, the problem of how to retrieve deleted things from USB flash drive will be solved quickly.


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