Windows 11 Memory card repair tool and data recovery tools

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Memory cards are used almost every day and are highly used, so of course there are many times when errors or problems occur. What should I do when my phone's memory card can't be read out? How to use memory card repair tools to repair data? The following article provides you with a comprehensive solution to the general cell phone memory card can not be read out of the following two causes:

  1. The phone card is broken or poor contact caused by the phone memory card can not read out.

  Solution: If the contact is poor this is a good solution to the problem, the card will be removed, with an eraser to erase the memory card's gold finger, remove the oxide layer above, and then put into the phone to try. If it doesn't work, pry the memory card holder inside the contact piece higher, or apply a layer of glue to the back of the memory card to increase its thickness. Insert the card into the card reader (make sure the card is good), and then plug the card into the computer to see if the card can read the data. If the computer can read the card, the card does not have a problem, the phone may have a problem with the card slot, and then find a normal card inserted to try, if other cards inserted also can not read, then the phone card slot is bad, ask someone to repair it.

  2. poisoning caused by into the phone memory card can not read out.

  The solution: this situation is more, poisoning will also lead to memory card can not be formatted problem, generally is not good repair. If a virus causes the phone memory card to not read out, the memory card should be formatted out (sometimes the memory card can not be formatted and the memory card can not be formatted failed). Generally, memory cards that can be formatted can fix the problem. If you can't format a memory card, it's not so easy to fix. Of course, you can also use memory card repair software to fix it. If there is important data inside then you have to use data recovery tools to recover the data inside. Be careful not to write data to the memory card after formatting, as this will cause incomplete recovery of files.

  The memory card has to be used almost every day, and the usage rate is very high, so of course there will be a lot of time for errors or problems. The most likely points that can go wrong when using a memory card are: 1. The memory card cannot be read or is not recognized 2. When you urgently need to store data suddenly comes a memory card can not be formatted to your chagrin. 3. ...

  The following tools are designed to deal with these sudden and inexplicable problems of memory cards. Memory card is a storage tool that we use frequently, so we should collect these useful memory card repair tools to help you troubleshoot memory card problems and errors.

Windwos 11 memory card repair tool and data recovery tool introduction

  MyDiskTest is a USB drive/SD card/CF card and other mobile storage products expansion identification tool.

MyDiskTest is a USB drive/SD card/CF card and other mobile storage products expansion identification tool. It can easily detect whether various storage products have been expanded capacity or counterfeit memory to be used as good. MyDiskTest can also detect if there are bad blocks in the FLASH memory and if it is made of black chips (many cheap memory cards in the market nowadays are made of black chips). MyDiskTest can also detect if the flash memory has bad blocks and if it is made of black chips (many cheap memory cards on the market nowadays are made of black chips, so you need to pay attention when buying them), without destroying the original data of the disk.

  MyDiskTest is very powerful and can test the read and write speed of your USB drive, memory card, and storage products for aging tests and stability tests. It is a necessary tool for you to buy USB drives and memory cards.

  MyDiskTest has improved the algorithm of the fast scan method, the scan results are more accurate, the speed is slightly slower than the original. Note: Be sure not to plug and unplug the device under test during the test to avoid data loss, and do not respond to the plugging and unplugging actions of other devices during the test. Before testing, please backup the file data in the USB drive/SD card to prevent data loss.

  2. Convenient USB drive boot disk creation tool UFormat

  Convenient tool for making USB drive system startup (which can solve some problems with USB drive)! Please download a UFormat (this is a USB drive system startup tool). Unzip the UFormat USB drive system startup tool. After opening the tool, there is a ------ (click) boot processing ----- (click) start ------ (go to <my computer> to pop up the USB drive) - then disassemble the USB drive, then plug in the USB drive - the last is to use the xp grid to try to grid in FAT32 and NTFS winxp sp2 test success. NTFS winxp sp2 test success! I found that using: USBoot is better.

  3. USB drive professional burn repair (USB drive low-level format) tool Chinese version of PortFree Production Program

  PortFree Production Program, also known as Star Shuttle USB drive low-level formatting tool, is a USB drive repair program, low-level formatting can repair memory cards, USB drives some errors, in fact, otherwise, in the use of this tool to repair the USB drive, if there is important data in the USB drive, or to backup the data first, this is also common sense, so as to avoid mistakes or improper operation caused by irreparable errors and cause unavoidable losses.

  Warning: U disk has a price, data is priceless, but please be careful. 4.

  MMC card formatting tool MMC Medic

  MMC Medic is an MMC card formatting tool. If you have set a password for your MMC card and you forget the password, or if there is some other reason why the memory card cannot be formatted, this tool will come in handy! It can easily solve these problems for you.

  5. USB drive format repair tool Mformat

  Mformat is a small USB drive formatting tool. When your MP3, USB drive and other removable storage devices encounter unreadability, you can take this little tool and try it. This is a very good USB drive repair tool. It can fix many problems, such as: USB drive can be detected, but can not read the data, or inaccessible, become 0 bytes, and can also fix the capacity of the problem has become smaller ...... Note: Please backup your data before use.

  6. A free file recovery tool Recuva

  Recuva is a free file recovery tool that you can use to recover files that have been mistakenly deleted, and can directly recover files from hard disks, flash drives, memory cards (such as SD cards, MMC cards, etc.), as long as they have not been repeatedly written to (repeatedly written data is not recoverable no matter what tools you use) Recuva for formatted or deleted files can be directly recovered. Recuva supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems, and it is very fast in searching for deleted files, so you can select the drive to be scanned and click on the Scan button.

  Of course, Recuva is not the only one that recovers data, there are also many very powerful and famous data recovery tools, such as: asy Recovery Easy Me Data Recovery, etc.

  The USB drive virus is increasingly rampant, and once the USB drive is poisoned, it will not work, resulting in the loss of important files and other problems, which should not be underestimated. The USB drive is not only installed in the computer anti-disk virus software but also has a special USB drive antivirus tool to prevent the infection of USB drive virus.

  The following small tool is a very good USB drive virus protection, check and kill tools; "USBCleaner", USBCleaner can be a safe escort for your USB drive, it is very convenient to check and kill all kinds of viruses carried by your USB drive.

Windwos 11 Memory Card Repair Tool and Data Recovery Tool Introduction