My computer does not show the flash drive icon on windows 11, how to fix it?

50 2021-08-03 14:55

There are actually two types of methods to retrieve the "drive letter" in Flash drive repair, a. There is no flash drive drive letter inside "My Computer", which may be hidden. B, is the loss of the "safely remove hardware" arrow icon, but open "my computer" inside the flash drive drive, also be said to be lost flash drive drive drive. In fact, it should be the security deletion icon is lost.

  In order to flash drive can not find the delete icon

I found the following N ways on the Internet, and finally succeeded in solving the problem. As individuals do not encounter exactly the same situation, I will not use the method also recorded below, I hope that friends who encounter this problem can use a combination of ways to find a suitable solution to your fault.

  1, open the control panel ---- add and remove programs ---- add and remove Windows components,

in front of "Accessories and Tools" hit the check mark, click "Next", then, shut down and reboot, the system will prompt the installation of new hardware, follow the prompts Just follow the instructions to install.

  2, if you are using the Alcor mass production tools software after the loss of the "safely remove hardware" arrow icon

please find the "mass production tools" folder LoadDriver.exe. click LoadDriver.exe, in the pop-up window, click uninstall, you can Click on LoadDriver.exe and click Uninstall in the pop-up window to retrieve your disk drive.

  3. Right click My Computer - Manage - Disk Management (see flash drive running status as "good"

which means there is no problem with flash drive) - Right click the flash drive in the window In the dialog box that appears, click the [Change] button and select an unused drive letter for it. After confirming, exit. Reopen "My Computer", the long-lost flash drive drive appears.

  4, right-click the blank area of the system taskbar

click Properties, the Taskbar and [Start] menu properties window appears, there is a custom button at the bottom of the screen, click it to enter. Pop-up custom notification window - slider down, we can see the bold labeled past project options, select the security of the removal of hardware items, the right side of the corresponding behavior selected as "always show", reboot after inserting flash drive, see if there is an icon to display, if still not, you can refer to the following steps

  5, the use of software repair

  Usually you can use Super Magic Bunny, as follows.

  Start Super Magic Bunny - open the advanced hidden window - enter the "disk folder" - remove the flash drive disk letter √ - save -Restart the computer - insert the flash drive, the problem can be solved.

  6、If the above methods do not work, you can download the

    Download the file to your hard disk and run it. (Note, if the anti-virus detection prompts alarm, you need to choose to approve the execution of this script.) Reboot and try.

  ATA drives are hot-swappable!

  NVIDIA chipset, and also installed the NVIDIA motherboard drivers in the IDE driver (support hard disk hot-plug). After this driver is installed, the Safely Remove Hardware icon will appear. But this does not affect the use. If you don't like to see it, you can uninstall the "NAIDIA nforce XXX ATA controller": right-click on My Computer - Properties - Hardware - Device Manager - Hardware. -Hardware - Device Manager - check the "IDE ATA/ATAP controller" and remove the "NAIDIA nforce XXX ATA controller" uninstall, it is OK, of course, you can also modify the BIOS!

  7, usually if you do not have special needs, it is recommended that the general use of the following settings.

  Open "My Computer" - find the flash drive drive - right click properties - hardware - find the flash drive Show - Properties - Cert - Click "Optimize for fast deletion" - OK.

  In this way you can use the process without worrying about the flash drive failure caused by accidentally pulling the flash drive.

  8、Take a look at the following places and you may get something unexpected.

  Modify the registry key value method

  If you are familiar with the registry, you can also go to the registry to see. Start-run-regedit-find.


  Delete "NoDrives"=dword:000000-close the registry-restart your computer-insert the flash drive and you will find the long-lost flash drive in "My Computer". The flash drive drive will be found in "My Computer".

  System directory C:WINDOWSsystem32drivers Look for the sptd.sys file. Delete it and reboot. Problem solved! Note: This sptd.sys does not come with Microsoft Windows. (It may have been installed by Daemon Tools)

  There is a mapped network drive on the system. The disk drive cannot be assigned to the flash drive.

  Solution: Disconnect the mapped network drive.

  The flash drive is not in the correct format

  Generally the flash drive is in HD (Hard Disk FAT16) format, if you use the flash drive bootloader to change it, the format of the flash drive may not be correct. Please repartition the drive using hard drive partitioning software such as PQ, PPM, etc..

  Whether usb removable storage device is disabled

  Please ensure that.



  Something is wrong with flash drive.

  Solution: reformat the flash drive. best low-level formatting, find a flash drive tool online.

  There are two other possibilities!

  First. Permissions problem, you are not the administrator user (very likely)

  Second. Services and Group Policy is not turned on!

  If that doesn't work, then the last trick is to install Windows XP cleanly again!

  If there is no flash drive in "My Computer", it is possible that the drive is hidden. If you can't get into the flash drive, you feel confused and don't know what to do. Especially, some flash drives have a lot of data in them, so users are very anxious.

  The actual experience shows that sometimes the disk drive assigned to the flash drive is hidden accidentally, so it is impossible to access or write to it, resulting in the unjustified scrapping of the flash drive. If the system automatically assigns the disk drive to the flash drive used, it can solve many of the repair problems. I found the following solution to hide the disk drive in the information: Some experts may also do these protective measures in order to prevent others from stealing personal data from their computers.

  Solution: Go to the registry (regedit.exe) and enter the "HEKY-CURRENT-USERSoftwaremicrosoftwindows currentversionpoliciesexplorer' branch. Find the key value "NOdrives" that exists in that path and delete it. Log out and log in again. (Not the NoDriveTypeAutoRun key value).

  Remove the USB read-only lock



  You can also go online to find flash drive write protection tool Chinese green version _ add anti-write function and de-write protection function for flash drive

  Remove "Disable USB boot (stealth)"



  If you want to lock the flash drive then.

  USB read-only lock (write protect)



  If you want to make the flash drive invisible then.

  Disable "USB boot (incognito)"



  The above is the solution to all the problems that will occur, you can rule out one by one to test.