[Fixed] memory card is damaged and there is no media [Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-27 00:10

  The thing is like this, I bought a Kingston 8G memory card from Xcat. After using the phone for two microsoft usb recovery drive lost partition months, one day I downloaded a larger file to the SD card. After the download was completed, the microsoft windows 10 create recovery usb notification bar said: "SD card Damaged, please reformat", I clicked Cancel and went to Settings-Storage microsoft windows 10 recovery key usb to install the SD card. Then I found that some software installed on the SD card was missing, but microsoft windows 10 recovery tool usb some of the software installed on the SD card still survived. I Think that the data is lost, then microsoft windows 10 recovery usb download remove the memory card and insert the card reader to the computer;

  Then I copied out the large file microsoft windows 10 recovery usb stick I downloaded and wanted to format the memory card. Who knew that when I checked the quick format, microsoft windows 10 update recovery usb I was prompted that Windows could not complete the format, then I removed the quick format, clicked microsoft windows 10 usb recovery download format, and waited a long, long time. After a little progress, it was gone, but I had no choice but microsoft windows 10 usb recovery tool to plug in the phone and format it. After the formatting, the "SD card is damaged, please reformat" microsoft windows 7 recovery usb download appeared again after a while, and I put it in the card reader connection On the computer, after microsoft windows 7 usb recovery tool clicking format N times, an insert prompt appears that what has not been formatted, and then the formatting microsoft windows 8 1 recovery usb failure pops up again;

  Finally, I went to my computer-management-storage-disk management and microsoft windows 8 recovery usb download formatted the memory card with the file system of RAW, the file system was normal, and then I thought microsoft windows password recovery tool usb everything was fine, and then I executed the chkdsk H:/f command, and then again Right-click microsoft windows recovery usb windows 10 Properties-Tools-Start Check-Check both items. After clicking Start, everything goes well, and the SD card microsoft windows xp recovery console usb is damaged when it is loaded into the mobile phone.Then I put it in the computer again, and the file minitool 6.8 recover hard drive dat a system is in raw format again---!!

  Oh my god, I'm going to repair it today, but I double-clicked minitool data recovery external hard drive after inserting the TD: Please insert the disk into "Removable Disk H". The disk management also minitool partition wizard hard drive recovery shows: Disk 1 is removable (H:). What if there is no media? Insert the card Insert the camera: The minitool partition wizard usb data recovery memory card is wrong, the phone is inserted, and the installation is not recognized at all. The computer, minitool power data recovery boot usb phone and camera are not working, is the card invalid?

  In this case, it is usually caused by minitool power data recovery bootable usb buying a low-quality memory card. Although this card is written by Kingston, it is definitely not minitool power data recovery usb instructions Kingston's memory card. Then how to solve the problem that the memory card shows no media.This situation most expensive hard drive recovery software is generally due to the physical damage of the memory card that can't be solved, but we can use the most powerful hard drive recovery software data recovery software easyrecovery to restore the data in the memory card to minimize the loss. motorola data recovery without usb debugging After the data is restored, we will toss and repair the memory card. It's not too expensive to change mount external sd card clockworkmod recovery a card, so how to fix it after restoring the data.Let's download the memory card repair tool first. mount usb drive ubuntu recovery mode Here are a few softwares. First, try whether SDFormatter can format the memory card at a low level. mount usb drive windows recovery console If it doesn't work, then try AutoFormat. If it doesn't work, just change the card.