How to use HDD Regenerator to repair external hard drive bad sectors tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-27 00:00

  In order to save the data to the greatest extent, it is necessary to consider dealing with bad diy data recovery from an external drive sectors that can't be read.In some cases, the bad sectors may be logical, or the sector may be weakened do it yourself data recovery hard drive and can't be read normally.At this time, you can consider downloading and using HDD Regenerator to docking station for hard drive data recovery repair it.However, HDD Regenerator can't repair disk sectors that have been physically damaged.

  HDD does apple charge for hard drive recovery Regenerator is a software that repairs sectors by reverse magnetization.It runs under DOS and needs does best buy do hard drive recovery to recognize the disk through the motherboard BIOS.This means that if the disk problem is serious, does cloning a hard drive recover dat a even if it has affected the normal boot of the recovery machine, it can't be handled by shielding does datat recovery work on usb drives the faulty disk in the BIOS like MHDD.Because, after shielding the faulty disk in the BIOS, the HDD does dell laptop start recovery usb automaticaly Regenerator software will not be able to recognize its existence.

  HDD Regenerator can only be applied does diskdrill recover to the hard drive to sectors that can't read data such as red crosses detected in MHDD.During the MHDD detection does geek squad do hard drive recovery process, the sectors that appear as red blocks and green blocks will not be determined by HDD Regenerator does office depot do hard drive recovery as bad sectors and will not attempt to repair them.

  The use of HDD Regenerator is very simple, does the recovery usb have to be it has only one called "HDDReg.exe" runnable program.It can be copied to a bootable floppy disk, or does windows recovery usb delete all files burned on a bootable CD, of course, can also be stored on the hard disk, as long as you can boot to does windows recovery usb format hard drive DOS and can access the HDD Regenerator program in the disk under DOS Can.

  Or we enter the HDD don't have usb recovery for windows 10 Regenerator, select Regeneration, the program will first detect the hard disk existing in the computer downlaod windows 7 on usb drive recovery and ask you to select a hard disk for detection.As shown in the figure below: the program has detected download a windows 7 recovery disk usb two hard disks, "1" is the external hard drive used by u to start the editor, and "2" is the download bootable usb windows 7 recovery disk computer hard disk. Of course we need to detect the computer hard disk, so it needs to be in the red box download bootable windows 8 1 recovery usb below Enter "2" and press "Enter" to confirm;

  The HDD Regenerator hard disk bad sector detection download chrome os on usb to recovery tool is very powerful. It can start from any position when performing a hard disk scan. If we know download dell bios recovery tool for usb the location of the bad sector in advance, then we can directly input the corresponding value and press download free external hard drive recovery tool the Enter key "Enter" "Just confirm, it can save us a lot of time.As shown below:

  When HDD download hp recovery disc windows 7 usb Regenerator detects the hard disk, the red letter "B" below indicates the detected bad disk and the repair download macos el caption recovery usb files will start, while the blue letter "R" indicates the repaired bad sectors of the hard disk.As shown download portable windows 10 with recovery usb below:

  When HDD Regenerator detects the hard disk, it also repairs the bad disk, so when the hard download recovery usb for windows 8 1 disk is detected, it will be repaired.!

  Reminder: hdd reg can only repair logical bad sectors, download sony usb flash drive recovery tool physical bad sectors are recommended to be repaired by MHDD.