How to install multiple operating systems in a External external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

15 2021-08-26 23:20

  1. Simple settings, easy to use Qemu

  First click here to download its graphical running software best data recovery software external hdd _Qemu manger (hereinafter referred to as QM).After downloading, unzip the file to "k:HA-qemuk21-FSYXQemuManager" best data recovery software from usb (k is the mobile hard disk partition), and then run Setup.exe installation.After running best data recovery software usb drives QM, click "Options" → "New Virtual Disk", follow the prompts to create a 10GB virtual disk file, best dead hard drive recovery software and use WinXP.dsk is stored in k as the name:

  Return to the QM window, click the "New Virtual best externa hard drive recovery company Machine" icon, and follow the prompts to build the operating system you need.For example, you can first best external hard disk recovery software create an operating system named 98, then select Windows 98 in the system list, and set the memory best external hard drive data recovery to 128MB.Then "drive" select "existing virtual disk", specify the virtual disk file WinXP just best external hard drive recovery company created.dsk, click "Save Virtual Machine" after finishing to return to the QM management window.

  After best external hard drive recovery mac establishing multiple systems through the above method, you can now set the startup settings of the best external hard drive recovery service virtual machine. Double-click the selected virtual machine in the virtual machine list to pop up the best external hard drive recovery software settings window. Click "Disk Configuration" to set the startup parameters.

  2. System installation, best external hard drive recovery tool easy to go

  After the virtual machine is created and set up through the above method, our mobile best external hdd data recovery software hard disk has multiple "bare machines" (because the operating system has not been installed). The best failed hard drive recovery software following describes how to install the operating system, so that we can carry the mobile hard disk in best file recovery formatted hard drive the future. Use multiple operating systems on any computer.

  All operations of the virtual machine best file recovery software for usb can be completely isolated from the host. In order to track the virus hazards, it is often necessary best format for recovery usb drive to test virus samples. At this time, you can install a Windows XP in the virtual machine to test the best free external hdd recovery software virus.

  Step 1: Put the Windows XP installation disk into the CD-ROM drive, select XP in the virtual best free hard drive data recovery machine list after starting QM, then click the "Use media to quickly start the virtual machine" best free hard drive recovery program icon, and select "Start the selected virtual machine from the system CD-ROM drive" in the startup best free hard drive recovery software options list ".

  If you download the Windows XP installation file in ISO format, you can select "Use best free hard drive recovery tool available CD media file", and then select the downloaded ISO file in the opened window to enter the best free mac hard drive recovery installation.

  Step 2: The operation after starting the installation program is the same as the common best free usb data recovery software installation. After entering the formal installation according to the prompts, you can see that best free usb data recovery tool the hard disk of this virtual machine is not partitioned.

  Just follow the prompts to partition and best free usb drive recovery software you can install the system.During the operation, the virtual machine captures the mouse pointer, just best free usb drive recovery tool press left Alt+Shift to release the pointer (Figure 2).

  Step 3: The remaining steps can be installed best free usb file recovery software step by step as prompted by the . After completion, you can test various dangerous operations best free usb flash drive recovery in this virtual machine. If you want to back up the virtual machine, just copy winxp.dsk can.

  The best free usb flash recovery software speed of installing the system in the virtual machine is relatively slow, we can first close other best free usb photo recovery software programs on the host, and then set the virtual machine memory to be larger.For example, 512MB users can best free usb recovery for mac set the virtual machine memory to 256MB, and at the same time place the virtual disk location on best free usb recovery software 2015 the local hard disk, and then transfer to the mobile hard disk after the installation is complete.

   best free usb recovery software mac Use this method to install other systems, so that you can call different systems at any time. If you best hard disk drive recovery company are interested, you can even install the ready-made PE system on the Internet to the mobile hard best hard disk drive recovery software disk to facilitate the repair of system problems in the future.

  In this way, the packaged system is best hard drive benchmark tool recovery not only free from external interference, but you can also customize it at will, and you can use the best hard drive data recovery companies most convenient system on any computer.