Expansion Kingston external hard drive Repair Tutorial and Tools Mike Micro MW8209 mass production to restore capacity[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-26 22:10

  A few days ago, I saw the company's clerk, MM, holding a cartoon external drive, and asked her where clicking sound hard drive data recovery she bought it. The answer was: Electronic Market.I think that such a digital novice went to the clicking sound in hard drive recovery electronics market to buy a external drive. It would be strange if you didn't buy the expansion. So I clicking sound on hard drive recovery took it and tested it with the urwtest software. It really expanded, so it is not safe to use, and clone hard drive with recovery partition the data is important, so I decided to fix it. a bit.

  It happened that there was a Netac's 2G clone internal hard drive bay recovery external hard drive master at home that burned. The 2G Flash on the board was useless. I thought that the clone mac hard drive recovery partition clerk MM is usually better for us, so I wanted to help her change the Flash and re-produce it.After clone macbook hard drive in recovery a busy afternoon today, I finally got it done. The welding is not very troublesome, but the main clone recovery partition to usb mac control of Maike Microelectronics 8209 took me a lot of effort during mass production.

  Let's watch clone sierra recovery drive to usb me one by one..

  This is the cartoon external drive, the lid is gone.

  Du Niang searched it. This cloning hard drive with recovery partition shape should have a headset shape on her head. After looking at it, she found signs of dropping.

  Picture: closest hard drive recovery to me 000_4137.JPG

  This is a picture found by Du Niang

  Image: Music Master.JPG

  Plug it into cnet best hard drive recovery software the computer, the displayed attribute is 2G

  Use MyDiskTest V2.93 fully tested, the horse's feet are combate s le recovery via usb immediately exposed

  Picture: 003_MyDiskTest_V293 detection error.JPG

  Use ChipGenius to identify, command partition recovery bootable usb free the main control is Micov's 6208E or 8209, which is not accurate.

  Picture: 002_ChipGenius command prompt windows 10 recovery usb recognition.jpg

  Anyway, I'm ready to change the Flash. It must be disassembled. It is more accurate to command to recover files from usb disassemble and see the main control.

  Picture: 004_4139.JPG

  Picture: 005_4140.JPG

  Flash is command to retrieve files from usb Micron's 29F4G08AAA, 512MB undoubtedly

  This is the result of the FlashGenius query or SLC

  Picture: comment creer usb recovery windows 10 007_FlashGenius query result.JPG

  Main control MW8209

  Picture: 008_4147.JPG

  Picture: companies that recover dead hard drives 009_4148.JPG