Build a powerful virus immunity file for external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-26 21:40

  How to create an Autorun that can't be deleted by the virus.inf immunization file?So based on the recovering data from external hard drive that won' lower level NTFS file system permission control method appeared.Format external hard drive and mobile recovering data from failed macbook pro hard drive hard disk to NTFS file system, create Autorun.The inf directory, setting the directory does not recovering data from formatted external hard drive mac have any permissions for any user, the virus can't be deleted, and even the contents of the directory recovering data from hard drive disk2 vs disk2 can't be listed.(However, this method is not suitable for devices such as music players that do not recovering data from hard drive disk2 vs rdisk2 normally support NTFS).The detailed steps are as follows:

  1.Start-run-cmd, open the command line recovering data from hard drive service portland oregon window;

  2.Run convert k: /FS:NTFS (assuming the external hard drive is K: disk) to convert the format recovering data from hard drive with bad sectors of the external hard drive to NTFS format.If the conversion is unsuccessful, scan the external recovering data from hard drive with data cable hard drive first;

  3.Create autorun in the root directory of the external hard drive.Inf folder, recovering data from old macbook air hard drive right-click, change its properties to read-only, hide, and then apply, then click the "security" tab, recovering data from spinning but hanging hard drive "advanced", in the default "permissions" tab, uncheck the following two items.determine.

  The immune recovering data off hard drive that's life ended file created by this method already has a strong "resistance ability", and the current external hard recovering data off hard drive with bad parameters drive virus basically has nothing to do with it.

  Similarly, you can create such an immune file in recovering data on crashed mac hard drive youtube the root directory of each of the hard disk and mobile hard disk.

  Of course, before immunization, recovering data using linux boot usb windows 10 you should kill the external hard drive virus in the system first. It is recommended to use the recovering deleted data from an external hard drive USBKiller software.

  In order to prevent the immune failure, we need to strengthen one more step and recovering deleted files from a hard drive mac simply kill the automatic running feature of Windows, so that the Autorun file becomes an ordinary recovering deleted files from external hard drive free Windows file, and the virus can no longer be started.It is recommended to use the external hard drive recovering deleted files from secondary internal hard drive virus immune device of Super Patrol to do this step.Double-click to run "external hard drive Virus recovering deleted files from wd external hard drive Immune Device", tick "Immune all local drives", tick the following 4 additional functions, and click recovering deleted files on external hard drive mac "Start Immunization". After a few seconds, the software status bar will prompt that the immunization recovering deleted pictures hard drive from six years is successful, just restart the machine.

  Through the above three steps of USBKiller antivirus, recovering files from a broken external hard drive NTFS permission method to build immune files, and "external hard drive virus immune device" method to recovering files from a corrupted external hard drive castrate the automatic operation feature of Windows, your computer and external hard drive are basically recovering files from a damaged external hard drive safe at this time.