How to make a DOS boot disk with external hard drive [Win11 Solutions]

18 2021-08-26 20:50

  Many times we are worried that the computer does not have an optical drive in order to install a how to recover windows on external system on the computer.?Or every day to install the system, run around with the CD, worry about the how to recover windows using usb inconvenience of carrying the CD?Do you find it more convenient to carry external hard drive, to install how to recover wiped hard drive the system, and to copy data more convenient.Now I teach you how to use external hard drive to how to recover with recovery usb make DOS boot disk? USB home

  1. Please make sure that your computer motherboard supports external how to recover your hard drive hard drive booting

  2. One external hard drive, at least 2G in size (now external hard drive is at how to recovery console xp usb least 4G) Home of external hard drive

  3. Please download USBoot in advance to the home of the computer how to recovery crashed hard drive external drive

  Please back up the contents of the external drive, because it will be formatted how to recovery dead hard drive when making a startup disk.Download USBOOT.EXE, after downloading, decompress the UBBOOT program, how to recovery external hard disk then plug in your external hard drive, and follow the steps below to make your external hard drive how to recovery old harddrive files into a DOS boot type (note that you should back up the useful data in the external hard drive in advance) how to recovery usb windows 8 USBOOT operation After (see picture below):

  ①Select your external hard drive; ②Click the blue how to reflash usb flash drive word to select the working mode; ③It is strongly recommended to choose ZIP mode!HDD mode and FDD how to reformat a recovery usb mode are recommended to try again when ZIP mode fails to work normally; ZIP mode refers to the simulation how to retrieve files from usb of external hard drive as ZIP drive mode, the drive letter of the external hard drive after startup how to retrieve hard drive files is A: HDD mode refers to the simulation of external hard drive as hard disk mode ;Special attention: how to run recovery from usb If you select HDD mode, then the drive letter of the boot external hard drive after booting is how to setup a recovery usb C:, it is easy to cause many problems when operating the boot partition, for example: the installation how to undo recovery drive usb program will write the boot file to external hard drive instead of the boot partition of your hard how to use a recovery usb drive!Cause the system installation to fail.So please try to choose ZIP mode first.FDD mode means how to use acer recovery usb to simulate the external hard drive as a floppy drive mode. After booting, the drive letter of the how to use alienware recovery usb external hard drive is A: The external hard drive in this mode will not find the external hard drive how to use avg recovery usb when booting on some machines that support USB-FDD booting, so please use your discretion. use. ④ how to use chromebook recovery usb Click "Start" to start production.⑤ When the following dialog box appears, make sure that the data in how to use dell recovery usb your external hard drive is useless, and then select "Yes".

  ⑥The following prompt appears when how to use dell usb recovery making the boot disk, please follow the normal procedure to unplug the external hard drive:

  Win9x how to use hp recovery usb system: you can directly unplug the external drive. Win2000, XP, 2003, WIN7 system: please double-click how to use lenovo recovery usb the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the red circle on the right side of the taskbar (as shown in how to use msi recovery usb the figure below) to uninstall the external drive normally.

  ⑦Please plug in the external hard drive how to use pc recovery usb again. ⑧The following successful prompt will appear later, indicating that your external hard drive how to use recovery usb lenovo is already bootable to basic DOS. Click the × in the upper right corner to close USBOOT. external how to use recovery usb stick hard drive Home

  Release all the files in the maxdos compressed package downloaded to the root how to use system recovery usb directory of the external drive. Note that it must be the root directory! USB home

  At this point, you how to use toshiba recovery usb have a good DOS bootable external drive.Start the computer with this external drive: insert the how to use usb recover partition external drive into the motherboard USB port (it is best to temporarily unplug other irrelevant USB how to use usb recovery drive devices), restart the computer, and press the Del key on the system self-check interface to enter the how to use usb recovery in BIOS.

  Set (if it is a special BIOS, please refer to the motherboard manual to determine which key how to use windows recovery usb to press to enter the BIOS), enter the BIOS FEATURES SETUP, and set the Boot Sequence to USB-ZIP (or how to view recovery hard drive USB-HDD, USB-FDD, please Corresponding to the working mode of the external hard drive you made) how to windows 10 recovery usb external hard drive Home

  First, the setting method is to press PageUP or PageDown on the item to switch how to windows 7 recovery usb options.After setting, press ESC to return to the main BIOS interface, select Save and Exit (save how to windows 8 recovery usb and exit the BIOS settings, you can directly press F10, but not all BIOS support) Enter to confirm how old hard drive and exit the BIOS settings.

  That's it for the method.I hope to be helpful to all friends.

  How to hp 280 g1 bios recovery usb make a DOS boot disk with external hard drive?: