[Fixed] external hard drive is writeprotected and cannot be formatted Chip WorryFree to help you[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-26 20:40

  What to do if the external hard drive is write-protected and can't be formatted?Chip Worry-Free to how to recover usb drive corruption help you

  What should I do if the external hard drive is write-protected? It's okay, the chip how to recover usb drive password worry-free can help you, let's take a look at the home of external hard drive

  Why can I say that using how to recover usb drive raw a chip to worry-free can help you.Everyone will know in a while, external hard drive Home

  First how to recover usb drive size download the chip worry-free,

  After decompression, click "sm32xtest.exe", run the mass production how to recover usb drive space tool.

  The software automatically detects the external drive information, such as the information how to recover usb flash drive in the red box. If it is not displayed, remove the external drive and plug it in again. If there is how to recover usb hard drive a tick on the "Factory Mode", remove the front tick, and then click "Refresh USB Port".

  Click the how to recover usb hdd partition "Settings" button to enter the mass production column to set up before mass production.

  A prompt how to recover usb on mac message appears, prompting "Save as after the first setting, and it can be used the second time", how to recover usb quick format click "Understand". USB home

  The default window pops up, and the related files are automatically how to recover usb storage space found. The default is OK, so click "Open" directly.Enter the main interface of settings.

  Check "USB-HDD" how to recover usb thumb drive on "Disk Type".

  If you need to make a boot disk, tick the "Make boot disk" and find the ISO how to recover usb using cmd format image you like, such as win8 system ISO file.But it is not recommended to use here, because it how to recover wiindows from usb may make mass production slower, and you can make PE after mass production is successful;

  "Format" how to recover windows on external suggests to use the default fat32 format, if you need to change to NTFS format, you can also check how to recover windows using usb it, but for smoother, you can choose fat32, and then convert it to your favorite format after mass how to recover wiped hard drive production is successful.Other information can be defaulted.

  On the top menu bar, click "Multi-lun how to recover with recovery usb Setting" to enter this section to set. external hard drive Home

  Tick the check mark in front of how to recover your hard drive "secure partition support" and the "Mode-C" mode. It is also recommended to use the default in "Public how to recovery console xp usb Disk-AP Disk Capacity", because partitioning the external hard drive is not very good. After all, how to recovery crashed hard drive the capacity of the external hard drive is limited. There is no need for similar computers to have how to recovery dead hard drive a system disk or the like.After selecting, click "OK" button to return to the main interface of mass how to recovery external hard disk production. USB home

  Set up, ready for mass production.Click "Start" for mass production. If the how to recovery old harddrive files option of PE is not selected, it is generally faster. Basically, the mass production can be completed how to recovery usb windows 8 in about 5-10 minutes.

  "The disc in the drive needs to be formatted before using it" appears, how to reflash usb flash drive just click "Format Disk". external hard drive Home

  If "pass" is displayed on the main interface, turn how to reformat a recovery usb off the mass production tool, enter the computer disk, find the external drive, and format it. how to retrieve files from usb external hard drive Home

  The tutorial is shared here for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. how to retrieve hard drive files USB home

  What to do if the external hard drive is write-protected and can't be formatted?Worry-free how to run recovery from usb Chips will help you: